New Surf City – canvas series

Folks, I’ve always imagined well known cities with
surf in them. Of course most don’t have and we hardly ever see images of any except for the very occasional image of Honolulu or Rio. I set out to see what some of these places would look like with surf so with the help of Photoshop, I’ve been able to bring a handful to fruition so far. Zach over at happened to see my Honolulu Tsunami image recently and enquired about my city scapes. He was so impressed, he wanted to run a pictorial on them and he kept asking. About every 3 weeks, another email would drop into the inbox, once again enquiring if I had a pictorial ready yet. Finally I got an edit over to him last week and it just went live at My surf-city-scapes include the opera house in Sydney, Honolulu city, the derwent bridge in Hobart, the golden gate at San Francisco, even the beautiful city of Seattle didn’t escape my surf city makeover. Last but certainly not least is my tribute to surfing in New York City which I entitled Liberty Surf


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