Surfing towards the light

It’s round this time of the year ( August ) that the seasons start to change and we see hints of the coming north shore swell season. This image which I entitled Towards the light was taken during a small mid year bump of swell at Rocky lefts. As you can see the sun is rising way down over Sunset Beach. In the middle of the surf season, that sun is coming up way more to the west up near Off The Wall. It’s a big difference in how it looks.
Here’s an interesting fact; Our last north shore season started earlier than normal last year in August and it didn’t really stop till late June-mid July this year, so that was a very long season indeed. The longest one that I can recall for the north shore. This is my friend Zola Bruso
nice relaxing enjoying a sunrise session at Rocky Point. Enjoy!

Sunrise surfing at Rocky Point.

Surfing Rocky Point at Sunrise.

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