Sydney Harbor Tree

I photographed this image of Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House about 15 years ago and I was back there earlier this year and looking to shoot the image again in a new light, but it is no longer possible because they went and planted a big old tree right in the middle of this composition, which completely blocked the bridge and the Opera House from this line of site. It is no longer possible to shoot this scene as it was. I’m thankful that I managed to shoot it back in the day. It’s just a little ironic though because I was most inspired to shoot this picture because of the magnificent tree silhouette.

I’ve presented the picture here as a 38 x 60 inch triptych canvas wrap. I use premium Epson Canvas and supplies and I print and hand sign every print
before it is wrapped in large deluxe sheets of tissue paper and shipped rolled most anywhere. For more info, send an email to



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