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A birds eye view of the famed reef at Pipeline

Ever wondered what the reef looks like that it causes the water to propel itself upwards and outward, forming the world famous surf break that we all know as Pipeline? Wonder no more. Here in this ariel perspective, the business end of the surf reef is clearly visible in the middle of the first frame. […]

One in a million moment

It was October the 13th in 2004 and I had just rocked up to the beach to see if I could get some decent surf shots against the setting sun at at Rocky point. There I was on the beach looking at this full on solar eclipse and then I noticed Flynn Novak out there […]

Every which way but up

A ton of crew have descended on the north shore during the last week and there were so many faces out there today that I didn’t recognise. This was one of them and he wasn’t holding back. Sean

Good times on the north shore

Wow, it’s been so spectacularly beautiful here on the north shore. Such beautiful glassy conditions with pretty consistent 3-5 foot waves. The amazing thing this year is the complete absence so far of traveling surfers. Just a handful of local surfers at any given spot. This must be about as close to the old days […]

More goodness from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil

While I was in Rio, a group of us headed up to the statue of “Christ the redeemer”. It was truly amazing, how they have built a road up to such a high narrow mountain pass. Looking out over Rio from this vantage point is amazing and intimidating all at once. Such a beautiful looking […]

The Surfers Journal

There are a lot of magazines out there in the surf scene, but only a few that are in the ball park of The Surfers Journal for sheer readability. A formula of way less advertisments, made possible by a higher purchase cost, makes way for articles which frankly have a lot more depth than those […]

Ariel image of Rocky Point go’s double page in Fluir magazine

Hi folks today, I’m sharing with you a double page spread in the Feb 09 issue of brazilian magazine; Fluir. This is an ariel overview of Rocky Point on a typical day in the middle of surf season. I actually have overviews of most of the north shore’s best surf spots. The Brazilians love Rocky […]

Super sessions at Rockies

Hi everyone, wow! it’s been so beautiful here this week. It’s been really blue and sunny with super gentle variable winds, which basically equates to super glassy conditions here with 3-4 foot swell every day this week. You’ve gotta love that for the month of May. Rocky Point was a bit of a magnet too […]

stellar moments on the north shore

Well, it was an odd situation. There I was standing on the beach at Off The Wall, sun’s just come up and there is just one guy out. No-one on the beach, other than one other (Chris Marcher) who was preparing to get out there himself. Stellar barrels are coming through, spitting, and no takers. […]

Classic surf moment of Bruce Irons

I have a lot of classic surf shots from over the years, but one guy who I have so many really classic moments of is Bruce Irons. I took a look through my archive, and man, he just cleaned up when I separated all the truly great images from the bulk. I’ll probably be featuring […]

Another stellar day for the hot-doggers

…..stoked after all that endless rain…….