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Sydney Harbour Surf – on canvas

I have created some images over the years that are just as much art as they are photography. This is one such image. I photographed g golden Sydney Harbour sunset and merged it with a classic golden surf lineup from the northern NSW coast. The end result is a very cool surf scene in Sydney […]

Beach Boxes 20 x 60 inch canvas

Brighton Beach in Melbourne, Australia is world famous for having these cool brightly coloured beach boxes. From the turn of the last century, these used to be the way to get changed at the beach, some hundred years ago. These days, the boxs are all privately owned and are used typically during hot beachy summer […]

Australia – check it out!

it’s always a bit of an adventure, jumping fences, being chased by bulls or angry farmers

It’s Australia Day! :D

Folks, it is Australia Day in Australia today. It’s a day for celebrating everything Australian. The great sunburnt country down below. If you haven’t already done so, check it out. It’s a cool place with all kinds of amazing places to see, not least, the beautiful beach’s that surround it. Cheers! Monty Python’s Australia

The Widow Maker

Surfing the deep southern wilderness of South West National Park, in Tasmania, Australia.

Folks, deep in the southern Tasmanian wilderness, quite some considerable distance away from the end of the road lies this gem of a place, known by the locals asThe Widow Maker. The reason they call it the Widow Maker is that this point is lined with dead trees that were burnt out by a massive […]

My first ever magazine cover – July 1987

My first Mag' cover - July 87

Folks, I just did an question and answer interview for a website overseas and one of the questions was about my first magazine cover, so I thought I’d share with you all as well. My first magazine cover came in the July of 1987 issue of Tracks magazine in Australia. The cover shot was a […]

Classic surf shot – Stuart “Daff” Cadden

Stuart "Daff" Cadden perfectly slotted somewhere, I'd rather not tell you about...

I just posted this classic surf shot of Stuart “Daff” Cadden, in response to an on line coverstion with my mate Bill Morris, who claims that “Daff” had the best pigdog style of any surfer at the time and I’m inclined to agree. Check him out right here… yew!

Full Moon over Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour bridge and Opera House with full moon at twilight

Sydney Harbour really is one of the worlds great city views. There are thousands of beautiful city-scapes all over the world, but very few as beautiful or as immediately recognisable as Sydney‘s spectacular skyline. It really is just about as unique as they come with the world famous Sydney Opera House which was completed in […]

The most beautiful surfboard, I’ve seen

Sage Joske with his beautiful hand made wooden surfboard

Folks, I attended a very special gathering of individuals back in 2007 on King Island in Australia . The gathering, initially labelled as Free Friction involved the riding of a large array of surfboards with the main aim of no fins on the boards, although a few weird finned creations also turned up, one very […]

The cool patterns of nature

Sand Waves on the west coast of Tasmania.

Just thought I’d share a few real basic nature images with you from my collection. I simply like the patterns produced by nature in these three images. I’ve included them in a new series of images that is coming up. These images are a sneak peak. This month, I’m offering a 10% discount on all […]

Sydney Harbour Moonrise

Sydney Harbour Moonrise

Today, I’m sharing with you my creation from several years back, called Sydney Harbour Moonrise . To see more of these cool panorama offerings, check out my shop site at: surfPHOTOSart

An Aussie pictorial in Parafina Magazine

Sean Davey's Australian pictorial in Revista Parafina 27

I just wanted to point you towards a pretty cool on line magazine from Brazil called Revista Parafina . I’ve been working with these guys for a while and I reckon they have one of the coolest on line magazines that I have seen anywhere, even despite that I can’t read it in english. It […]

Aussies seriously had the coolest cars in the 70’s

The Holden Sandman, an Aussie legend.

I just received this image in an email from my mate Joe over at surfbooks. It sure brought back the good old days, seeing this thing again. This, my friends is a Holden (Before GM bought them) Sandman panel van. These curious looking vehicles were basically your average then Australian family station wagon with a […]

From one island to another.

Golden barrel

This is my last day on King Island. Heading back on my way to Hawaii from tomorrow. Thanks to all the island’s friendly folk for a pleasant stay. We are just about to take the long drive up north for one last look at the fabulous Martha’s. Catch up with you in a day or […]

King Island’s content cows produce the best 100% organic beef in the world.

beef cattle eating bull kelp on the beach, King Island, 2004

Following on with my current series of reports from King Island in Australia, I thought I’d take an opportunity to mention to those of you out there who like to eat steak (sorry Jay) King Island is home to some of the very best if not THE best beef in the world. There are all […]

Four seasons in one day, all part of life on King Island

4 seasons in one day on King Island

No doubt about it, this place has some of the most radical weather that you’ll find anywhere. Just this morning, I’ve seen it warm and still and half an hour later, blowing a 40 knot gale. Clouds coming and going, the odd downfall. It’s all part of life on the land on King Island.

Clean and green on King Island.

clean and green tubing magnet

A simple wave of the day, here from King Island in Australia. This particular beach is as close to surf heaven that I have seen.

What’s doing, up north?

lined up emerald magnets

The south swell pushed up a bit yesterday, so Wire and I lobbed into the falcon, (what we like to call “The Mobile Couch”) and headed up north, to take a look for ourselves…

No parking meters at the beach, here

No parking meters here!

Anyone who lives in anything resembling a large town or city, will most likely be familiar with the routine of having to stuff coins in the parking meter when they go for a surf. Not so here on King Island. I’d say parking meters are at least hundred years away from being implemented here. The […]

The north coast welcoming committee

The north coast welcoming committee: Barry and Kev'

King island is situated in Bass Strait, commonly viewed as amongst some of the roughest seas in the world. It’s open to all manner of weather and swell, sometimes expected, other times, completely unexpected. These guys however are 2 individuals that I’ve totally come to expect to meet when visiting King Island. Usually, we’ll be […]

A couple of new images from the current trip

tons of sea kelp washed up from the most recent of storms, here.

Hi folks, here’s a couple of new images from the past couple of days. The nature of this place is raw. Just look at all this sea kelp that’s washed up on this one beach. Stay tuned fro more updates as time passes. Aloha Sean

Oz – Bound

Remote Australia

You’ll be seeing a little less of me over the next 10 days or so. That’s because I’m traveling in Oz on a secret mission. So secret, I can’t even tell you where I’m going. I’ll be posting tidbits from the location from time to time, so stay tuned…. Sean

On my mind

Surf Heaven

Well folks, usually I’m on my way to Australia right about this time of the year and usually, I end up at this very special little island in Bass Strait. I’ve been going there for many years, Seems that if I make it there this year, it’ll be a little later than usual, due to […]

Sydney’s world famous Bondi beach

I’ve seen a bit of a revival in interest in Bondi Beach, in the eastern suburbs of Sydney recently. It seems to be popping up everywhere on my radar at the moment, so I thought I’d publish a few shots from back in the day when I lived there myself. One thing that is apparent […]