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2011 San Diego Tide Calendar features Davey image as cover

San Diego Tide Calendar for 2011

I just received a copy of the 2011 San Diego Tide Calendar in the mail yesterday. I was stoked to see that it features 3 of my images as well as the very cover as well. Of the three images, there is an underwater picture of a Hawaii’an sea turtle gliding through a school of […]

Lone wave at Ehukai for today’s sunset image.

Twilight Peak

Folks, we’ve had a bit of rain move in and although it stayed quite sunny on this part of the island for most of the day, It started to rain just before sunset, so I didn’t manage to get a shot today. Not to worry though, I only have a million other Hawaii’an sunsets already […]

Small surf conditions persist on the north shore

small backlit Rockies on October the 8th 2010

We had a bit of a flurry or real swell here on the north shore, but it all seems to have pretty much settled back down again. Just small 1-3 foot conditions with a fairly significant serving of side wind chop for good measure at the moment. Not really anything to write home about for […]

Epic short lived Pipe Session.

Late afternoon Pipe feb 26th 2010

Well folks, it sure has been a weird old week here on the north shore. It started out with the tsunami threat which most folks took quite seriously indeed. Ever since that day, it’s been howling trade winds at varying degrees of knots between 20 and 50. Pretty much victory at sea conditions, for the […]

That’s Gold!

This is Cru Sarratt revelling in the green glow of a Rocky Point evening surf.