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Photo of the day: Beach Girl

For those of you, looking in and hoping to see some big wave surfers, wipeouts and the Pipeline, you’ll have to wait a little longer. It’s another day of “victory at sea” conditions here on the north shore. That is to say that it’s wild and stormy out there despite beautiful sunny conditions, so here’s […]

A magic Hawaii’an moment

Yesterday afternoon had the most amazing light show go down, over Rocky point. I had rocked up to maybe shoot some action on the long lens, but it was pretty standard fair. Not really a lot going on. I look over to the east to see the blackest sky with a mean bright rainbow doing […]

The North Shore in Black and White – exhibition print sales

“I want to see more of my pictures in your hands”..

Perfect conditions here on the north shore

We are even expecting a big swell in another day or two.