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Footsteps Of Tranquility 30 x 45 inch canvas wrap

FThis art piece is titled Footsteps Of Tranquility It’s downright amazing, how beautiful and served the beaches can be here some days. This was one of those days at Pupukea. Barely a sole on the beach. Lucky, we live Hawaii. There is something about this picture that attracts me too. It has an almost two […]

Some cool new Hawaiian leis

I just had a request from a client for some nice eye catching pictures of Hawaiian leis at the beach or seaside kind of thing. I only had just a couple of images of leis up till this time which is amazing when you consider that I’ve lived here for 15 years already on the […]

Lanikai beach in Hawaii One of the best beaches in the USA

I’ve lived in Hawaii now for 15 years already, yet I’ve spent so little time on the south east coasts of the island. Being very involved with the surf industry for most of those 15 years, I pretty much always gravitated around the north shore. Since I started building my business, selling my art images […]

It’s Australia Day! :D

Folks, it is Australia Day in Australia today. It’s a day for celebrating everything Australian. The great sunburnt country down below. If you haven’t already done so, check it out. It’s a cool place with all kinds of amazing places to see, not least, the beautiful beach’s that surround it. Cheers! Monty Python’s Australia

Here’s a cool little interview that just ran with me

Sean Davey featuring on

Folks, I had the website; contact me recently, looking to interview me about my environmental photography. I like their by-line. It reads: “Urban life inspired by nature” Now that is cool. Check out my interview and a small portfolio of my images here: interviews Sean Davey

Some pictures from this morning, on the north shore

Folks, it’s been very, very quiet for surfing the north shore lately. Really quiet, not to mention that the past couple of weeks have produced some rainy and windy weather as well. So when I woke this morning and could see that everything was settled down, with hardly any wind about, that was enough to […]

Four seasons in one day, all part of life on King Island

4 seasons in one day on King Island

No doubt about it, this place has some of the most radical weather that you’ll find anywhere. Just this morning, I’ve seen it warm and still and half an hour later, blowing a 40 knot gale. Clouds coming and going, the odd downfall. It’s all part of life on the land on King Island.

Clean and green on King Island.

clean and green tubing magnet

A simple wave of the day, here from King Island in Australia. This particular beach is as close to surf heaven that I have seen.

What’s doing, up north?

lined up emerald magnets

The south swell pushed up a bit yesterday, so Wire and I lobbed into the falcon, (what we like to call “The Mobile Couch”) and headed up north, to take a look for ourselves…

kickin it – island style

tea tree abounds on this island.

Been quite literally chilling out here the last couple of days after a cold front came through and changed the heat of summer in a matter of hours to the cold of winter. Such are the dramatic weather changes in this part of of the world. Here are some scenes from the island..

On my mind

Surf Heaven

Well folks, usually I’m on my way to Australia right about this time of the year and usually, I end up at this very special little island in Bass Strait. I’ve been going there for many years, Seems that if I make it there this year, it’ll be a little later than usual, due to […]

Surf’s up!

I guess that new north west swell that everyone’s been talking up has arrived. Looks pretty strong, although long between sets, which is typical of early season swells, here. I was checking it out at Off The wall this morning with Archy and got these few snaps. As you’ll see from the pictures, there’s a […]

My slide show, simply titled Beach

I built some slide shows some time ago and thought it was about time that I shared some here on this site. This show is simply entitled “Beach” and as you might expect, the subject matter is beach related. Music is provided by Aussie maestro; Red Whyte. You can check him out by pressing here: […]

Groove Tube

I just love to photograph waves, eh. Got a few more this morning, but here’s a cool one from yesterday which I’ve named “Groove Tube” Yew! Sean for prints, send an email to: or myself direct at And if you want to see a selection of other images, go to my main page […]

Pipeline at Sunset time

Lane and I were on our way to a friend’s birthday gathering at Jocko’s, but thought we’d stop by Pipe on the way just to get a look in. It had cleaned up a lot. There were a few tasty tubes rolling through. Meanwhile Ruben was playing a nice little riff on his ukulele. Someone […]