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Another Davey shot bag’s the cover.

I spotted this on line somewhere this morning and it reminded me that I hadn’t yet received my copy of this book. I guess it’s in the post. ha ha This is one of my very favorite surf images. I took it from a helicopter back in 2001 over the outer reefs of Oahu’s north […]

A touch of Tahiti and big wave surfing

I’ve traveled to Tahiti numerous times over the years and it’s always an astonishingly beautiful place to visit. Many first time visitors will agree that it’s much like what one imagines Hawaii being like 100 years ago. Life is a simple contented existence on the land for many Tahitians, particularly out in the country areas. […]

Hawaii loses one of it’s best big wave surfers

Sion surfed what some were calling the best days of their lives yesterday. He’d been out all day. It was late and he was looking to “catch that last wave in”.

A few wild rides at the bay yesterday

With all the recent news of the Japanese earthquake, tsunami and meltdowns, I completely overlooked the weather forecasts and so was caught by surprise by yesterday’s big waves.

Looking Back at “The Eddie” with

Looking back over the Eddie Aikau big wave surfing invitational. just placed on line, a new feature, looking back on the history of the Eddie Aikau big wave surfing invitational, entitled Looking Back It features a half dozen historic frames from my surfing image archive. Enjoy…

As perfect as Pipe gets

Derek Ho's awesome Barrel on Jan 21st 2011

I’ve been photographing the north shore for almost 20 years and although there are a lot of really great Pipe surfers, some absolutely stand out on their own. One such surfer is 1993 world surfing champion; Derek Ho. I usually only see him

Big Gnarly Pipe Barrel Surfing

Surfing at Backdoor, on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii

Pipeline today was much the same as yesterday, except a little smaller and not quite as many wipeouts. I love to photograph the surfers, using unconventional techniques. Take todays images, I shot them using very slow shutter speeds. Enjoy…

Si Milosky snags a true Pipe wave off the crowd

Sion Milosky snags a set wave from the pack at Pipeline.

Folks, this is classic image from a couple of years back. An awesome Nth West swell hitting the reef at Pipe, had me dialing up my buddy Josh with the helicopter. It was a totally trippy view from the heli’ hovering directly overhead while these mean set waves pushed in over the reef and sending […]

A few options amongst the big waves on the north shore

Donnie Darnell was getting barreled every wave at Sunset yesterday

Still plenty of swell around folks. They were saying that it would be a lot bigger yesterday and it definitely did pick up a couple of notches, however the brunt of the swell occurred overnight and so it was on the way down. It turned out to be a matter of finding a spot that […]

Ltd edition prints of 9 X world surfing champion: Kelly Slater

Ltd edition of kelly Slater at the 2009 eddie Aikau big wave invitational

Folks, my long time friend; pro surfer Pancho Sullivan , right here on the north shore just added a 3rd child to his growing family, another daughter known as kehau. kehau was born with a congenital heart defect and although Pancho has the best health insurance that he can get, the costs are still massive, […]

Massive Monday pictorial on Surfline

Following on with all the excitement of the huge swells that have been belting the north shore lately; Surfline has just published another pictorial from the big swell 2 days ago, featuring a good portion of my imagery. Check it out here Aloha Sean Additional Images from Massive Monday at Waimea Bay

Eddie Aikau, to Go or not to Go!

There’s all kinds of rumors running rampant around the north shore right now. Some crew even reckon the national guard is coming in tonight to road block the north shore and that it will be this way for 2 days. If that happens, what will become of the Eddie Aikau big wave surfing invitational, which […]

GIANT waves on the way for the Eddie Aikau big wave surfing event

The north shore is abuzz right now with reports of a couple of big swells headed our way, but one in particular which is being called the largest most have ever seen forecast. Many hard core longtime surf watchers are claiming that this is THE biggie! Some even calling the largest swell forecast in decades. […]

Flashback to 2001 and epic Shipsterns

Hi folks, it’s pretty late into this trip now. I only have a couple of days left before I move onto the next leg of my journey. It’s also that time of the year here when Shipstern Bluff starts to show what it can do, so I thought I’d share with you the very first […]