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Boats and waves don’t always go together

I just saw this new video that someone posted on facebook and it’s pretty rad’. Obviously these guys have lost power in their engine and are drifting right into the surf zone at a rapid pace. I personally have witnessed 2 very serious incidents in 10 foot surf in Tahiti. Both resulted in draw dropping […]

Honolulu’s Ala Moana Bowls pumps!

I’ve lived here on the island of Oahu since late 1997 and the best I ever did see the waves look at Ala Moana was that very same year. That was till yesterday, June the 6th. Strong trades groomed the lineup and fanned the spray into clean plumes of water, off the back of the […]

Wakeboarders taking it to big Tahitian waves

This is something that I worked on several years back with RedBull. The worlds 2 best (then) wakeboarders, taking their flat water gig to the big Tahitian waves. The wakeboarders were legendary Parks Bonifay already with a few world titles under his arm, along with then hot sensation from

Parafina Magazine No 29

Parafina Magazine No 29 (storm front over Teahupoo)

Folks, I just checked out the latest issue of Parafina Magazine from brazil, this one focusing quite intensely on Tahiti in the south Pacific. I scored the cover as well as 22 double page spreads with my Tahiti images. Check it out here. .

Another magazine cover arrives

NZ Adventure Magazine Issue No 151

Folks, I just got hold of a copy of this issue of NZ Adventure magazine, from New Zealand. I guess it’s not exactly recent, but I never saw this one till now. I think my wife had picked up the post quite some time ago and this one had been living in her car for […]

Decent but unorganised Pipe not good enough for the Backdoor Shootout

I rocked up to Pipe this morning, totally expecting that the Backdoor Shootout surfing contest would probably be going ahead simply because the surf was finally small enough to consider the idea of competing. Although it had vasty cleaned up, it was still a long way from being a quality contest situtation, and so the […]

Big surf in Hawaii

The surf was pretty big on the north shore of oahu today, the 25th of November 2008. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and surfers in Hawaii have much to be thankful for.

Green Shimmer is born

Hi everyone. It’s pretty much straight into summer here in Hawaii now. temps are nipping at 90 most days. water’s clean and green (or blue). When it gets all summery here, I like to start the day off real early and go see what i can photograph in the early light. Sometimes, it’s the landscapes, […]

Pipeline shines

As anyone will testify to round here at the moment, it’s been a very ordinary Jan and Feb for surf in hawaii. You can count the number of good Pipe days on one hand. Finally, we got some good Pipe yesterday, but the Bodyboarders had their event on, so I waited till 4.00pm when they […]