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Cleanest conditions ever here on the north shore

The waves were just the most incredible shade of bright aqua under a deep blue virtually cloudless sky

Blue Hawaii this morning

I swam from sunrise this morning across the sand-bars between Pipeline and Rocky Point. It was spectacular, to say the least. In every direction that I looked, there were perfect waves, many of them completely unchallenged. I love these kind of mornings. They really bring home how special the ocean is in our lives.

Today’s catch – of waves

I got the water housing wet this morning at Pupukea. I was really kind of syching just to get in the water somewhere because it was so sunny and clean with such a blue sky. My intention was to swim out to the back of Ehukai and shoot some images under water as the surfer […]

Hawaiian Halloween

Halloween in Hawaii

It’s pretty hard not to know about Halloween when you live in the U.S. (or in my case, Hawaii). I grew up in Australia and we didn’t have Halloween as such. I’d see references to it in my Richie Rich and Archie comics when I was a kid and wonder what it was. The internet […]

Todays print of the day; Foam Inertia

Foam Inertia

Todays picture comes from the north shore. Waves have always been central what I shoot now for more than 30 years already. (I started young :) Here’s another of my favourite wave images. This one I’ve called: Foam Inertia. Like with many of my images, this one is available as prints and canvas’s in a […]