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A very cool moment from 18 years ago.

It was my second season of then traveling to the Hawaiian islands from Australia to photograph the north shore for the magazines that I was shooting for at the time. Back then, those magazines were Australian Surfing Life, Surfaholic, Surfing and Trip Surf. It was before the fisheye became a normal lens in the water. […]

It’s been lively round here

It really has been such a poor season overall for good surf that it was a rather pleasant surprise to see some reasonably big surf here over the past couple of days. There was a relatively small number crew out and amongst large conditions all along the north shore, 2 nights ago. The swell rose […]

Bodysurfing 10-12 foot Rockpiles

The Pipemasters is happening today along with a good sized swell. Unfortunately the angle of the swell is totally missing Pipe , save for a few 4-5 footers. Meanwhile down the beach, it was pumping at Rockpiles. I was shooting Tom Carroll absolutely ruling 8-12 foot Rockpiles this morning. These 2 bodysurfers swam out and […]

Man V’s Nature, at it’s purest, with Damian Wills

As some of my readers will know, I spent quite a considerable amount of time in Tasmania recently and while I was there, I was lucky enough to take in a big wave session at Shipstern Bluff. They are a tight knit crew, the Tassie boys. The whole boat erupts in hoots and laughter, every […]

Shipsterns shines again

It’s now the 17th and I’ve already moved on to the final stage of my trip, up here on King Island. But before I left, I managed to squeeze in a couple of shoots at the always amazing Shipstern Bluff. There were a few name surfers from out of town like Jamie Obrien, Ryan Hipwood […]

We have a surfing president!

….”judging from the skills that he is clearly showing here”…..