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19 transormational moments from my career as a photographer of surf.

I often work with a handful of surf websites these days and one of the quality ones from the US is These guys have a lot of really good quality reading and just about always have really great photography The Inertia‘s a classy site full of very good content. The fellas over there hit […]

That’s Golden!

Bruce Irons - Golden air

Another epic surf picture from past Hawaiian surf seasons, this one is of Bruce Irons boosting a massive aerial maneuver at Backdoor. Although as a surf photographer, I contribute to it, I’ve always been somewhat repelled by the rampant commercialism of surfing and so have always given preference to the light over the surfer as […]

A look behind the Pipemasters of 2009

Just thought I’d take a look back over the week that was chaos, ridiculous traffic, countless barrels, a world championship, a couple of total Pipe legends, another back on the rise. Life on the north shore mid December. Doesn’t get much better. Here’s a glimpse into not necessarily the Pipe masters. The focus is more […]

Taj Burrow takes the 2009 Pipe Masters mantel

They ran the finals of the Pipe Masters yesterday and although it wasn’t exactly real Pipeline, it was a lot better than some previous finals days. At least we had tubes offer. There was only one Hawaiian surfer left in the mix, my good friend Flynn Novak who was up against Kelly Slate. Flynn’s the […]

Classic surf moment of Bruce Irons

I have a lot of classic surf shots from over the years, but one guy who I have so many really classic moments of is Bruce Irons. I took a look through my archive, and man, he just cleaned up when I separated all the truly great images from the bulk. I’ll probably be featuring […]

Some gems from Fluir’s 25th anniversary issue

Hi all, man, this bad weather is really turning into an endless groundhog day experience here on the north shore. More on shore winds with pretty below average messed up swell and winds. Lucky, I’ve been getting so much published lately. I have this offering from Fluir magazine in Brasil. They just published their 25th […]