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Californian gold on print and canvas

… and the weather just continues to deliver amazing conditions…

Recent focus on California’s diverse coastline

Sunset at Oceanside Pier in San Diego County.

Folks, I’ve been traveling to California a fair bit to photograph it’s diverse coastline which is sooooo much different to Hawaii. The main difference is all the seaside piers, dotted up and down the coast. So far my travels have taken me from San Diego, all the way up to San Francisco and there must […]

Long Beach tide lines

Long Beach sunset - by Sean Davey

Folks, California is a cool place to shoot pictures by the seaside. There doesn’t even need to be swell for there to be interesting photo opportunities, although it is always infinitely more interesting to those of us who pass our time in and around the surf. This is Long Beach, Los Angeles (just near Belmont […]

Some more panoramic gold from a stellar week in California.

Folks, this last trip to California was such a success. everywhere we went, the gold happened, even on the most drizzly days (towards the end of the trip). My buddies at are super stoked on the images and have already posted a bunch of them on line . Take a look. Aloha Sean

Beautiful Catalina Island

"Avalon Sunset" photographed over beautiful Avalon, on Catalina Island.

We made a dash over to beautiful Catalina Island yesterday, to see if we could nab a couple of cool shots of Avalon . Wow, what a stunning place. A little bit like stepping into the French Riviera. The pace of life over there is quite relaxed and cars are replaced with golf carts, which […]

early morn’ over San Clemente

San Clemente Pier, Orange County, California

Another in my California series, this is San Clemente pier , just this morning. The weather wasn’t so crash hot, in fact it was drizzling at times, but I still managed to nail down the shot. Next on my list is the beautiful Catalina Island . Stay tuned for updates and in the meantime, you […]

Malibu Sunset

Hey Folks, here’s another image from my california series, this one is Malibu Pier, captured in the final moments of daylight, just 2 days ago. You can check out more of these images at and Aloha Sean

Folks meet Deputy Trevillyan, local surfer at The Bu

We cruised up PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) to just a little past world famous Mailbu point . The surf was pretty tiny with just a foot of swell, trickling in. I noticed a local policeman had his hands full with a man and a bicycle. I got talking to Deputy Trevillyan and found that he […]

friendly dolphins and all, here in California

Folks, I’m currently working on a job in California , touring the coast and shooting locations of interest for my client. The weather has been absolutely stellar with barely a cloud in the sky the whole time, so far. It’s weird ya know… I always looked at California from a surfers point of view. This […]