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I know boats!

I was doing an image search day or two ago and dug up this classic from the tropical paradise of Tahiti , several years ago. It was one of those beautiful sunny afternoons with just about no wind, so the water was really glassy with loads of perfect waves and they had grown in size […]

Man V’s Nature, at it’s purest, with Damian Wills

As some of my readers will know, I spent quite a considerable amount of time in Tasmania recently and while I was there, I was lucky enough to take in a big wave session at Shipstern Bluff. They are a tight knit crew, the Tassie boys. The whole boat erupts in hoots and laughter, every […]

Classic Surf Moment; Ace Cool Outer Reef Tow In’s

Flashback to around 2000, Tow Surfing still relatively in it’s infancy years. Alec Cooke, also known as “Ace Cool” has been credited for riding the biggest wave ever, at least if you believe the postcards that he freely hands out. Ace is no stranger to big wave exploits. Tow surfing just fueled his passion for […]