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As perfect as Pipe gets

Derek Ho's awesome Barrel on Jan 21st 2011

I’ve been photographing the north shore for almost 20 years and although there are a lot of really great Pipe surfers, some absolutely stand out on their own. One such surfer is 1993 world surfing champion; Derek Ho. I usually only see him

Mele Kalikimaka from da North shore!

Ryan Hipwood bags a biggy at OTW on the 24th.

Wow, what a crazy few weeks, it’s been here on the north shore lately. There’s been so much going on round the place. Finally Christmas came around we got the north shore back all-be-it for a week or little more. So quiet round here at the moment, even with a Waimea swell happening today too. […]

Derek Ho, still a Pipe Master after all these years

Anyone who’s watched the north shore over the past 15 or 20 years will tell you thruthfuly, who the best guys are out at Pipe. One guy that will be on everyone’s list is Derek Ho. He always finds the cleanest most beautiful Pipeline barrels and rides them with absolute ease, grace and supreme balance. […]

The 10 best world champion surfers of all time

I was talking with a friend about the ten best surfers on the planet and I was thinking how impossible, it felt to pick just 10 as it’s not really set in stone. There’s so many factors that governs one choices. At least with actual world champions, it is set in stone, so it was […]