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Dolphin Ridge – 1-2 ratio canvas wrap

Folks, This art piece is titled Dolphin Ridge It’s typically available as a custom print or canvas to pretty much any size that you desire, up to a maximum of 38 x 90 inches on single pieces or much larger again as a triptych canvas (in 3 pieces) I print and sign my own prints […]

My canvas tribute to the north shore

I’ve been living here on the world famous north shore  of Oahu now for almost 17 years.  I remember when I first moved here.  I had to find a house to rent when I first arrived and was amazed to pick up the top floor of a sick beach house, right at Pipe with the best […]

Smart phone cases, now with Davey photographs

Building on the number of items that one can purchase with Sean Davey imagery on them, A new company called Inspire My Case has released a collection of ocean inspired phone cases, featuring Sean Davey images of waves, surfing, seashells, dolphins, sea turtles and other sealife They do look pretty cool. Check ’em out here: […]

Spare a thought for the dolphins in Japan

Friends, It’s saddening to hear of these dolphin slaughters that are carried out in the Japanese fishing village of Taiji, year after year. The fishermen view the millions of concerned peoples of the world as outsiders, sticking our noses in where it isn’t welcome, but if we all stuck our noses into them, maybe we […]