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Looking Back at “The Eddie” with

Looking back over the Eddie Aikau big wave surfing invitational. just placed on line, a new feature, looking back on the history of the Eddie Aikau big wave surfing invitational, entitled Looking Back It features a half dozen historic frames from my surfing image archive. Enjoy…

Some glimpses from the Eddie


Folks, I rocked up the Eddie Aikau big wave surf invitational ceremony this afternoon for the first time in years. I had given it a miss the last few years because frankly it’s quite a scene and not really my style. I made the effort to come down to Waimea Bay today though because it […]

Own a true piece of surfing history for a cool $10,000

Ross Clarke Jones winning the 1998 Eddie at Waimea Bay

I was over at the house of legendary north shore surfboard shaper; Jeff Bushman today specifically to shoot some pictures of an iconic surfboard indeed. The Bushman shaped gun which Ross Clarke Jones rode to victory in the 2001 Eddie Aikau big wave surfing invitational. An amazing looking piece of big wave equipment up close, […]

Ltd edition prints of 9 X world surfing champion: Kelly Slater

Ltd edition of kelly Slater at the 2009 eddie Aikau big wave invitational

Folks, my long time friend; pro surfer Pancho Sullivan , right here on the north shore just added a 3rd child to his growing family, another daughter known as kehau. kehau was born with a congenital heart defect and although Pancho has the best health insurance that he can get, the costs are still massive, […]

Awesome day at the Eddie Aikau big wave surfing invitational

A 30 foot close out set right as the sun was setting.  12-07-09

Hi all, wow, what a few days, it has been. I slept over at the Rip Curl Off The Wall house the night before the contest because they said the roads would be closed down and I wanted to be right there, where it was all going down. The rumble of the ocean was just […]

Eddie went at Waimea Bay

Waimea CloseOut Panorama 12-08-09

Hi all, I’m super slammed here with a backlog of photo “processing” to do from the past few epic days at Waimea Bay, so I won’t dwell here long, but to say that it’s been an amazing couple of days here. I shot crazy huge Waimea yesterday morning for a few hours. It was massive […]

Eddie Aikau, to Go or not to Go!

Wardo spit out at Backdoor  |  12-06-

There’s all kinds of rumors running rampant around the north shore right now. Some crew even reckon the national guard is coming in tonight to road block the north shore and that it will be this way for 2 days. If that happens, what will become of the Eddie Aikau big wave surfing invitational, which […]

GIANT waves on the way for the Eddie Aikau big wave surfing event

overview of big surf at Waimea Bay, north shore, Oahu, Hawaii

The north shore is abuzz right now with reports of a couple of big swells headed our way, but one in particular which is being called the largest most have ever seen forecast. Many hard core longtime surf watchers are claiming that this is THE biggie! Some even calling the largest swell forecast in decades. […]