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In appreciation of waves

I thought I’d post an image of a beautiful wave today, just to take a moment to appreciate that it is the actual waves that many of us base our lives around. Surfers, photographers, fishermen, etc. Today, I present you a moment of beautyfrom non other than Ha’atafu Beach in Tonga. It’s a beautiful little […]

Wave of the day – Aqua Twist

from Pupukea on the north shore of Oahu - Aqua Twist

Today’s Wave Of The Day comes to you from one of my favorite places to photograph waves. On certain days of the year, the water at Pupukea Sandbar takes on an amazing aquatic glow. I love to swim and photograph on those days. The colors and contrasts in the resulting images are always stunning. And […]

Davey’s wavey gravey train

I’ve been working really hard lately to get my site more up to date. More to the point, I’ve been adding more galleries. The latest to come on line, are my waves. I went through a collection of near 1,000 images from a 20 year time span, and culled it down to just under 300 […]

Liquid Steel

This is an interesting little number that I shot over near my house, last year. In the world of waves, this little bloke is pretty insignificant at just an inch high, but I still dig on it’s funky look. Enjoy! Sean

Another day of small fun beachies in a giant swimming pool

Hi all it’s been another stellar day of weather here on the north shore, but with small surf. The water is so clear here at the moment, it looks like a massive wave pool right now. All these perfect little waves rolling through super clear water. It’s nice when it’s like this. So good for […]