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My canvas tribute to the north shore

I’ve been living here on the world famous north shore  of Oahu now for almost 17 years.  I remember when I first moved here.  I had to find a house to rent when I first arrived and was amazed to pick up the top floor of a sick beach house, right at Pipe with the best […]

Gold Dust Day Geckos are awesome!

I’m not sure how long these little fellas have been on the north shore, but I suspect that they aren’t native. I only noticed ’em for the first time, just a few years ago, but now, we see them all round the place. Such cool cruisy little critters, they are. I was visiting a friend’s […]

Critter Tees for Kids now at the Tee shop

I was looking through my images the other day and happened to be looking at a bunch of creature shots. It occurred to me how much kids dig animals and funny faces and stuff, so I created the “Critter Tee’s for Kids” collection. Of course though, if any of you big kids out there dig […]