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Fountain Of Gold – 2-3 ratio Canvas wrap

Folks, This art piece is titled Fountain Of Gold This image is typically available as a custom print or canvas to pretty much any size that you desire, up to a maximum of 38 x 90 inches on single pieces or much larger again as a triptych canvas (in 3 pieces) I print and sign […]

Use the light as your paint source

I’ve spent more than 20 years chasing perfect full sunlight, to shoot for surfing magazines, all over the globe. I’ve personally always had a real taste for the visually different, but for a long time there, all the magazines wanted to see was tight action in perfect bright sunlight, showing off all the sponsor logos […]

Wave of the day – Green Shimmer

Green Shimmer

I have thousands of wave images , but this is one of my more recent favorites. Photographed here on the north shore, I captured this gem soon after sunrise. As anyone who knows me will agree, I love to photograph the 1st and/or last hours of the day because this is where all the awesome […]

Kam’ Highway gets all golden

Lane and her V-Dub

I was working in my home office late this afternoon and realised that I’d almost missed the sunset and I really want to try to keep this run of sunsets happening, so I jumped in my car and was driving along Kam Hwyy when I saw the golden light already taking over the place and […]

That’s Golden!

Bruce Irons - Golden air

Another epic surf picture from past Hawaiian surf seasons, this one is of Bruce Irons boosting a massive aerial maneuver at Backdoor. Although as a surf photographer, I contribute to it, I’ve always been somewhat repelled by the rampant commercialism of surfing and so have always given preference to the light over the surfer as […]

A new swell, another Rocky’s sesh

I mosied on down to Rockys to scope it early this morning and the conditions were quite nice, before the wind got into it. Wasn’t really any pro’s out there till later in the session. Some of them were turning up as I left actually. Had it been the old days, I would have turned […]