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Blue womb 2-3 ratio triptych canvas wrap

Folks, This art piece is titled Blue Womb is one of my favourite wave artworks and it’s typically available in the following five sizes as well as custom sizing; 20 x 30 inches – (3 panels at 20 inches high x 10 inches across) 24 x 36 inches – (3 panels at 24 inches high […]

In appreciation of waves

I thought I’d post an image of a beautiful wave today, just to take a moment to appreciate that it is the actual waves that many of us base our lives around. Surfers, photographers, fishermen, etc. Today, I present you a moment of beautyfrom non other than Ha’atafu Beach in Tonga. It’s a beautiful little […]

Kickin’ it in Tonga, without a care in the world

A guest fale at Ha'atafu Beach Resort, Tonga

This is a picture from one of a few a trips that I’ve made to the kingdom of Tonga over the years. I got to know Steve Burling many years ago who owns a low key, family orientated surf resort on the main island in the kingdom of Tonga . it’s an amazingly relaxing place […]