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My canvas tribute to the north shore

I’ve been living here on the world famous north shore  of Oahu now for almost 17 years.  I remember when I first moved here.  I had to find a house to rent when I first arrived and was amazed to pick up the top floor of a sick beach house, right at Pipe with the best […]

More Davey Canvas at Luibuenos

I just hung several more extra large canvas pieces from my Shadow land collection at Luibueno’s restaurant in Haleiwa, on the north shore. If you visiting Oahu, plan for a day to visit the north shore and stop by Lui’s for a meal. While there, you’ll be able to see a bunch of my canvas […]

Weather beaten buildings, a visual window into the past.

Look how warped the window is on the far left of the green buidling.

Hawaiian outrigger – todays Hawaii’an sunset

An outrigger canoe with Kaena Point in Background., north shore, Oahu, Hawaii

Both color and contrast have been strong elements in my photography over the years and this image really weighs heavily on both aspects. Haleiwa beach park is the north shore‘s home of outrigger canoeing. Most afternoons, you’ll see these folks going at it, as the sun sets over Kaena Point in the background. Often, there […]

Haleiwa Beach Park, this morning

My fellow Tasmanian friend Joni Lee James is currently visiting the north shore, here in Hawaii and tagged along on one of my early morning photo shoots, this morning. We started by checking Sunset beach, then on to Rocky Point, but no inspiration awaited here either, on to Log Cabin, nup!… Then Waimea had a […]

It’s quiet in summer in some places

Puaena Point, on the north shore.

Lane was surfing Laniekea a couple of days ago and somehow lost her surfboard . I drove down there to help her look. The logical place to go in the end was Puena Point because the currents and the winds blow in that direction, but we found no trace of the surfboard. It must be […]

A golden North Shore outrigger sunset

Haleiwa Outriggers in the afternoon sunlight.

A familiar site with anyone who cruises around Haleiwa in the late afternoons, here on the north shore are the outriggers . Prety much most afternoons, they are there doing their thing with the sun setting in the background. Photographing it was a bit like the proverbial saying “shooting ducks in a barrel” Too easy.

Cool tropical moment of the day

Fins n' Palms

Hey Folks, thought I’d share this one with you from Haleiwa beach park, on the north shore. All the elements were in place. A bitchin’ red sunset with the old surf truck, complete with surfboards. I love it when these kinds of pictures just happen. They are amongst my most favourite kinds of images to […]

Update on the current big swell event in the Hawaii’an islands

Yesterday’s big wave episode really didn’t pan out to be that great. The swell was coming up all day long but the weather conditions deteriated to about as dark as you can get with regular rain showers and stuff. I started out by checking out Sunset. There were a couple of guys trying to get […]