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Glamour double-rainbow Print from Hawaii

Double Rainbow over Pupukea

Hey Folks, take a look at today’s glorious picture. A result of swimming with my camera on the famed sandbars of Pupukea, here on the north shore. During the early months of the year, the sand builds up on the sandbar between Pipeline and Rocky Point and the result is pure sandbar bliss. Perfect barrels […]

It’s quiet in summer in some places

Puaena Point, on the north shore.

Lane was surfing Laniekea a couple of days ago and somehow lost her surfboard . I drove down there to help her look. The logical place to go in the end was Puena Point because the currents and the winds blow in that direction, but we found no trace of the surfboard. It must be […]

Hawaiian rainbows are very cool.

Sharks Cove with rainbow.

One very cool thing about Hawaii is the localized rain activity that we get here. It can be totally sunny where you are and yet, just a mile down the road , it could be an absolute deluge of torrential rain. It’s all about the prevailing winds mostly and where they direct the clouds to. […]

The Rainbow’s never end

Sunset Beach spring morning

It gets pretty busy up here on the north shore, but right now at this time of the year, it is soooooo mellow. Take this scene for example. It’s like about 8.30 in the morning and it’s deserted. The rainbows’s don’t stop though. They can be seen doing their thing 24-7 in the islands, well […]

A magic Hawaii’an moment

Yesterday afternoon had the most amazing light show go down, over Rocky point. I had rocked up to maybe shoot some action on the long lens, but it was pretty standard fair. Not really a lot going on. I look over to the east to see the blackest sky with a mean bright rainbow doing […]