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Classic “One in a million” photograph

Flynn Novak Flynstone Flip with Solar Eclipse (real)

…and I’ve just shot a total one in a million image that I know I’ll never be able to repeat again, no matter how hard I try.

Lemon Yellow Sun as a 2-3 ratio canvas

This is titled Lemon Yellow Sun I photographed Lemon Yellow Sun at the world famous Banzai Pipeline and I’m showing you Lemon Yellow Sun as 2-3 ratio canvas which in this case is a 30 x 45 inch canvas. I offer this picture on exhibition canvas as well as premium glossy and lustre papers and […]

Waikaloa Mana 1-3 ratio canvas wrap

This art piece is titled Waikaloa Mana I photographed this image purely out of serendipity, you could say. I was actually setting up a completely different image when I noticed out of the corner of my eye, the waves crashing up against the black lava rock and I knew I was onto something. Just as […]

Pipe Dream – 2-3 ratio canvas

This art piece is titled Pipe Dream This picture is available as a custom print or canvas to pretty much any size or arrangement that you desire, up to a maximum of 38 x 90 inches on single pieces or much larger again as a triptych canvas (in 3 pieces) I print and sign my […]

Waikiki Dream – 30 x 60 inch canvas triptych

I called this picture Waikiki Dream, simply because of the lack of people on Waikiki beach. I photographed this up just past the Hilton hawaiian Village which isn’t quite as intense as it is near the Duke statue. It’s such a beautiful relaxing place when it’s uncrowded like this. Show here as a 30 x […]

Print of the day – Sunset Palm

Today’s offering: an 18 x 60 inch Triptych canvas wrap, entitled “Sunset Palm” This image was photographed quite fittingly at Sunset Beach, on Oahu’s north shore, world famous for it’s world class surf. Everyone loves a sunset, but there is something particularly special about a Hawaiian sunset. I always stop to look if I see […]

Hawaiian sunsets lately have been incredible

Folks, the unstable weather lately here in the islands has made for some incredible Hawaiian sunsets. Check these out from just the past few days…

Hawaiian petroglyphs

Usually covered in a layer of

Hawaiian sunset of the day – Sunset surfers

Todays Hawaiian Sunset was captured at world famous

Golden Plenty – today’s Hawaii’an sunset of the day

Supping at Rockies, on the north shore - Golden Plenty

SUP (Stand Up Paddle) surfing has really been embraced worldwide, but probably no more so than right here in Hawaii. Pretty much, any day of the week, you can cruise down to the beach here on the north shore and see a couple of folks SUPping it while the sun go’s down. At the end […]

Golden Queens – Hawaiian sunset of the day

Silhouetted surfers at Queens beach in Waikiki

Folks, tonight’s Hawaiian sunset comes from Queens beach, right in the very heart of Waikiki. As you can see, even at sunset, here in Hawaii, there’s still plenty of

Hawaiian outrigger – todays Hawaii’an sunset

An outrigger canoe with Kaena Point in Background., north shore, Oahu, Hawaii

Both color and contrast have been strong elements in my photography over the years and this image really weighs heavily on both aspects. Haleiwa beach park is the north shore‘s home of outrigger canoeing. Most afternoons, you’ll see these folks going at it, as the sun sets over Kaena Point in the background. Often, there […]

Hawaiian Sunset of the day – Rockpile VOG

surfers during sunset north shore, Oahu, Hawaii

Todays Hawaiian sunset features a bunch of surfers waiting for the last few waves of the day at Rockpile, on the north shore. When the trade winds fade away, we get a build up of Volcanic Ash, referred to locally at VOG, but it produces some awesome sunsets, much like what you often find in […]

Kona Fire – today’s Hawaiian sunset

Tonight's Hawaiian sunset comes to you from Old A's on the Kona Coast

Folks, todays Hawaiian sunset comes to you from the

Kam’ Highway gets all golden

Lane and her V-Dub

I was working in my home office late this afternoon and realised that I’d almost missed the sunset and I really want to try to keep this run of sunsets happening, so I jumped in my car and was driving along Kam Hwyy when I saw the golden light already taking over the place and […]

“High and Dry” – todays picture of the day

High and Dry

Folks, I spotted this cool boat on the beach at Waimea Bay, a few days ago and I made a mental note to return at Sunset and shoot a few frames. I’m so glad that I did because the sky became all dramatic with an influx of clouds, right around the same time. I walked […]

A golden North Shore outrigger sunset

Haleiwa Outriggers in the afternoon sunlight.

A familiar site with anyone who cruises around Haleiwa in the late afternoons, here on the north shore are the outriggers . Prety much most afternoons, they are there doing their thing with the sun setting in the background. Photographing it was a bit like the proverbial saying “shooting ducks in a barrel” Too easy.

Cool tropical moment of the day

Fins n' Palms

Hey Folks, thought I’d share this one with you from Haleiwa beach park, on the north shore. All the elements were in place. A bitchin’ red sunset with the old surf truck, complete with surfboards. I love it when these kinds of pictures just happen. They are amongst my most favourite kinds of images to […]

Photo of the day Pastel Flash

Today’s photo of the day comes from right out in front of Jamie Obrien‘s pad at Pipeline. He and I were dabbling one evening with the remote flash. I had Jamie’s buddy Ruben swim out with the remote flash unit and aim it back towards me. Because the sky was so vivid with twilit pastels, […]