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Huge 40 foot wave captured in this remarkable image

I’ve been photographing surf since the late 1970’s and in all that time, this was clearly the biggest wave, I ever did shoot. Photographed in march of 2002, we had a very, very big west swell hit the Hawaiian islands and much of the size was marching right past the north shore, due to it’s […]

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Folks, we’ve had a variety of surf conditions here on the north shore over the past week. My friends over at just posted a bunch of my images from this past week. Check it out here …

Hawaii’an sunrises are quite unique

Tubing wave at sunrise.

I’ve been dawn patrolling it a little in the past week. Been getting up in the dark and hitting the beach early, looking for interesting sunrise images that are typically unique to both Hawaii and the surf culture that we enjoy here on the north shore, year round. I managed to snag this beautiful image […]

Pipe Carnage!


Folks, the waves were going off at Pipeline two afternoons ago, however there were a lot of wipeouts going down, with the Pipeline doing all kinds of unexpected things. I was so impressed by the wipeout action, I decided to move over to film mode and see what I could come up with. I wasn’t […]

Wave of the day; Off The Wall – This morning

"Aqua Surge" - this morning at Off The Wall

It’s very, very quiet on the north shore this morning. It really is like the whole pro tour packed up and left overnight, along with the waves. Well there, were a few random waves about, but with a high tide running, they were pretty much right on the beach. This one I captured at Off […]

Wave of the day – Aqua Gold Curl

Aqua Gold Curl

Todays wave of the day was photographed very early morning, in fact, right on the moment that the sun appeared over the hill. There was just the right amount of water flowing back down from the beach to give this wave the extra bit of curviature that it needed to produce this moment for my […]

Charlie Carroll – pedal to the metal

Surf shot of the day- Charlie Carroll at Backdoor

Folks, I’ve chosen this killer image of Hawaiian surfer ; Charlie Carroll going very fast at Backdoor Pipe. If you’re wondering, no it’s not like this at the moment. I just wanted to share a cool surf image. enjoy!

Si Milosky snags a true Pipe wave off the crowd

Sion Milosky snags a set wave from the pack at Pipeline.

Folks, this is classic image from a couple of years back. An awesome Nth West swell hitting the reef at Pipe, had me dialing up my buddy Josh with the helicopter. It was a totally trippy view from the heli’ hovering directly overhead while these mean set waves pushed in over the reef and sending […]

north shore, readying for the influx

Luke Stedman weaving amongst the photog's at Kodak Reef

Folks, I was asked by an over seas magazine editor just yesterday for an image of many photographers, jostling for the same image and boy, did I have one. I zeroed straight in on an absolute gem of TJ Barron about to get barreled at Kodak Reef. This picture is actually Luke Stedman from the […]

Jon Florence carving up the Sunset Bowl

Jon Florence carving it up at Sunset Bowl, this week.

Folks, this is Jon Florence , formerly known as Jon Jon Florence. I captured him a few days back, laying down this huge powerful carve at Sunset beach. It’s pretty obvious that he’s picked up some carveing skills from working with Pancho and Myles over at Progressive Surfing There’s been a fairly decent run of […]

A few options amongst the big waves on the north shore

Donnie Darnell was getting barreled every wave at Sunset yesterday

Still plenty of swell around folks. They were saying that it would be a lot bigger yesterday and it definitely did pick up a couple of notches, however the brunt of the swell occurred overnight and so it was on the way down. It turned out to be a matter of finding a spot that […]

Winter swells finally here on the north shore

Rockpile just before sunset.

Folks, we’ve had waves here on the north shore for just over a week now, but yesterday it kicked up a notch with 10 foot set waves. I ended up shooting Rockpile both in the morning and again in the afternoon. It always seems that best wavesat the Rockpile can always be found early season. […]

Ever wondered what it would be like to surf like Pancho Sullivan at Sunset beach?

Go Pro view of Pancho Sullivan surfing at Sunset Beach.

Pro surfer Pancho Sullivan is a long time friend of mine. We’ve been talking a fair bit lately about getting a camera on Pancho while he’s out in the water, so we did a practice run a couple of days ago at 5 foot Sunset point, using one of those cool new Go Pro HD […]

Surfing towards the light

Sunrise surfing at Rocky Point.

It’s round this time of the year ( August ) that the seasons start to change and we see hints of the coming north shore swell season. This image which I entitled Towards the light was taken during a small mid year bump of swell at Rocky lefts. As you can see the sun is […]

fingers of reef

Log Cabins reef on the north shore of Oahu.

Folks, this is another from my series of Oahu overviews, photographed mainly from helicopters. Todays image is a direct overview of the reef at Log Cabins, on the north shore here on Oahu. It’s amazing how much the reef formed at this one place; Log Cabin. This is also some of the most dangerous, shallowest […]

Glamour double-rainbow Print from Hawaii

Double Rainbow over Pupukea

Hey Folks, take a look at today’s glorious picture. A result of swimming with my camera on the famed sandbars of Pupukea, here on the north shore. During the early months of the year, the sand builds up on the sandbar between Pipeline and Rocky Point and the result is pure sandbar bliss. Perfect barrels […]

A view of a wave from behind and underwater

Beach Barrel

You ever wondered what a wave looks like as it depletes itself upon the beach ? Wonder no more. Here is a view of a wave, here on the north shore , but this image was actually taken underwater, behind the wave as it broke upon the beach. I’ve always photographed waves. The very first […]

Genuine real-Deal Waimea Close-Out

Waimea Close-Out December 8th 2009

This my friends is the dreaded close-out set wave at Waimea Bay. Surfers in the water, dread the very idea of one coming through while they are in the lineup. The spectators of course have a whole different outlook, being safely on land and for the most part, out of harms way. No matter where […]

Leopard Peak

OK folks, time for another random wave, this one coming at you from Gas Chambers, next to Rocky Point , on the north shore of Oahu . I titled this one: “Leopard Peak” because of the leopard skin like pattern in the wave’s foreground. And like most off season days here on the north shore, […]

Panorama prints and Canvas’s now available at

A foam wave washing ashore at Laguna Beach in southern California, 08

I’ve just added a new section to my shop site, specifically for panoramic photo prints and Canvas wraps. Like most other options on the site, this section offers a wide array of images, including , ocean waves, people silhouettes, colorful tropical sunsets and impossibly perfect beach scenes . Most images are horizontal in format, but […]

Another feather in the cap

Alma Surf magazine Mar-Apr 2010 issue

One thing that we surf photographers have always prized pretty much higher than anything else is the cover shot, particularly one that’s done with a purely art driven purpose, as opposed to what most covers are these days, which are usually pictures that are not much more than logo shot for the big surf companies. […]

Beautiful conditions finally return to the north shore

Pancho Sullivan flaring at Pupukea Sandbar, this morning.

It’s been like 2 weeks of bad weather here on the north shore, so it was soooooo good to see the sunny conditions return to the north shore and with no winds. I went for a bit of a swim at Pupukea sandbar this morning with Pancho Sullivan, Carissa Moore and Myles Padaca. I guess, […]

Todays print of the day; Foam Inertia

Foam Inertia

Todays picture comes from the north shore. Waves have always been central what I shoot now for more than 30 years already. (I started young :) Here’s another of my favourite wave images. This one I’ve called: Foam Inertia. Like with many of my images, this one is available as prints and canvas’s in a […]