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Epic short lived Pipe Session.

Late afternoon Pipe feb 26th 2010

Well folks, it sure has been a weird old week here on the north shore. It started out with the tsunami threat which most folks took quite seriously indeed. Ever since that day, it’s been howling trade winds at varying degrees of knots between 20 and 50. Pretty much victory at sea conditions, for the […]

Kye Fitz’ shows his single fin flair on the north shore

Kye Fitzgerald digging deep and holding on with just a winglet at Rocky Point

Kye Fitzgerald is the son of Aussie 70’s legend Sean Davey Terry Fitzgerald, also known as the Sultan of speed back in the day. Terry was widely respected for his surfing at places like Sunset where speed is an advantage. Like his dad, Kye is also an avid single fin surfer and also has a […]

“Waimea Power” nets another double

Gig poster for Kehau Sullivan's Aloha Jam on the 5th of March.

As many of you know, it’s been an amazing season here for really big surf. One of my favourite images from the recent big swell episodes was one such image that I captured late in the day before the Eddie ran. This picture of several surfers just scraping over a huge set wave at

Art showing at the prestigious Annenberg Space for Photography

Waimea Power

I was recently approached by a representative of the prestigious Annenberg Space for Photography, requesting my participation in an upcoming international show dedicated to sports photography. I submitted 30 images for consideration and promptly received a very hearty welcome to the exhibition. Unfortunately, I can’t make the show itself, but I will have 30 images […]

Giants fail to deter surfers in quest for perfection

Flynn Novak surfing in the land of the giants.

Uh Oh! I’m starting to have flashbacks to that old TV show “Land of the Giants”, but man, the waves are soooooo good, that no one even cared aout the giant dudes.

Davey’s Wavey Gravy. Get your’s today

Sean Davey's Wavey Gravy.

Waves have always been a major target in my viewfinder. My very first photo was of a Wave, way back in 1977. I’ve been building my collection of wave images for somewhere like 25 years now. These images here represent just a handful of the entire collection, but they are some of my favorite wave […]

Amazing image of the day

under water view of photographer and surfer at Pipeline

It is always my intent to keep this website not only informative and a great destination for surf photography and all things ocean related, but also to keep it entertaining for my many repeat visitors, who keep coming back to see what I’ve been up to, time and time again. Todays little offering is a […]

Finals day at the Volcom Pipe pro

Jamie OBrien stoked on his cool new trophy.

They wrapped up the Volcom pipeline Pro surfing contest yesterday at perfectly glassy 4-6 foot Pipeline. It was the earliest that anyone can ever remember seeing a contest at Pipeline finish. There were just the 2 semi finals and final. The final itself was kind of hard to pick for most of the way because […]

Wild and wooly day at The Pipe for Volcom Pipe Pro

Jamie sweeping the front deck. * Note the boards in the window...

The day started off real gloomy and pretty much victory at sea conditions, but it did have that look like it might clear up to perfection, like it did on thursday (the 28th) on day 2 of the event. I got there pretty early because Jamie’s bud; Ruben needed a lift up to Pipe. Frankly, […]

LTD Edition Waimea print for Kehau sullivan

Waimea Power Limited edtion of 100

Friends, I want to turn your attention to the face book page for friends of Kehau Sullivan. Kehau is the latest edition to the growing clan, parented by north shore surf legend; Pancho Sullivan and his wife Haunani.

News feature of Davey Photography

NewsDOTcomDOTau just ran a short story about my photography on their main website. Check it out, the piece compiled by Helen Parker is entitled; Mad Men

Awesome waves ensure, the Volcom Pipe Pro go’s off!


My wife Lane has been waiting just about all season for the ugly sandbar to move away and let Pipe do it’s thing properly. Finally, it did this morning, all be it under still ragged and large swell which at times was rolling entire heats of contestents. Those contestents found themselves in a real life […]

Torquoise water fun with the Go pro HD


Amazingly both of my pro cameras are on the blink and hence, are on their way to the Canon repair shop at the mo’, so I’ve been enjoying, filming the sandbars with the new Go Pro HD cam. I shot some hand held footage of random surfers and waves, but then, I was able to […]

Amazing crystal clear conditions on the north shore


Absolutely beautiful conditions here on the north shore yesterday and I guess we could be expecting more today. I just love it here when it settles down and produces days like this.

Amazing Visual of the day

Under water fisheye view of surfers at Pipeline, on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

Have you ever wondered when you look and see all those surfers sitting there on the surface of the water; “what’s it look like under the water?” Well, this is a view of the reef at Pipeline with the surfers all sitting just feet above the reef. Based on it’s history, this is the most […]

Hangin’ at the Volcom Pipe House before the Backdoor Shootout

The Famous Volcom Logo on the front of the Pipe House.

My long time friend Daren Crawford called me up from the Volcom Pipe House (the former Gerry Lopez house) Daren is one of the main film guys for Volcom these days and just arrived back on the north shore ahead of the Volcom team, for the upcoming Backdoor shootout, then the Volcom Pipe contest. I […]

Did you surf Waimea on the 5th and the 7th of December?

Waimea surf gallery from 5th and 7th of December, 2009

I’ve had numerous surfers ask me about getting pictures from the Waimea sessions on the 5th and the 7th of december, right before the Eddie, so I went through all the pictures (and there’s a lot) and I placed a large gallery of images on my print site for you to look at. Normally when […]

New: “Classic Waimea” prints now at surfphotosart

A nice example of a happy customer's wall.  :)

I’ve added a new category to my images sets at this new one is simply entitled Waimea Bay Classics. There 58 images currently in this section and they represent some of the very best moments that I’ve photographed at Waimea over the past 15 years or so. Many of these are my favourite images. […]

Classic Davey pictorial about Waimea Bay appears on Surfline

Waimea spot check on Surfline

I’ve done some cool pictorials over the years with surfline, but none cooler than this awesome pictorial that just went on line today. It features a staggering array of amazing Waimea visuals, that I’ve photographed from over the years. So many classic moments, from Waimea close-outs, to when they built the road across the beach […]

Photo of the day Pastel Flash

"Pastel Flash"

Today’s photo of the day comes from right out in front of Jamie Obrien‘s pad at Pipeline. He and I were dabbling one evening with the remote flash. I had Jamie’s buddy Ruben swim out with the remote flash unit and aim it back towards me. Because the sky was so vivid with twilit pastels, […]

Some more video, this time from Off The Wall

Off The Wall, 12-27-09

I’ve been doing some dabbling on the video feature with my new cameras, in between shoots. Here’s some cool stuff from Off The Wall, yesterday morning. Enjoy Sean

more river surfing at Waimea with the – Canon 7D HD video


Following on from the last post, this is some actual video that I filmed on the Canon 7D of the amazing river surfing, going on. Take a look and you’ll be amazed. Aloha Sean

River surfing at waimea Bay

Beautiful standing waves at Waimea rivermouth

I was on my way over to Haleiwa with Jamie Obrien today when we noticed the river flowing at Waimea, so we stopped in for a look. It was rad. there were like 4-5 foot standing waves at times and surfers were just frothing on every peak that was unfortunate to have reared it’s head […]

Let’s help out Kehau Sullivan

Massive Monday at the bay 2009

As many of you know, I’ve been lucky enough to live here on the north shore for the past 12 or so years and during all this time, I’ve been really good mates with Pancho Sullivan and now his wife Hanauni and young family. Pancho and I have been on all kinds of trips to […]