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Stop and smell the roses

water and hibiscus

Spring has definitely sprung it’s thing here on the north shore of Oahu. There’s all kinds of cool colorful displays of nature happening right now. The one I’m showing you here is only several paces from my own front door. What’s cool about stopping to have a look and appreciate nature is that sometimes, you [...]

The 10 best Hawaiian sea turtle pictures that I have taken.

A friendly Hawaiian sea turtle,

I thought I’d take this opportunity to look back on some of the coolest under water photographs that I’ve taken of Hawaiian sea turtles over the past several years. I’ve encountered them in all kinds of interesting locations. Often, they like to hang around the rocks because it helps to give them camoflage from predators, [...]

Hawaii loses a surfing legend; Marvin Foster

Marvin Foster on a huge wave at the 06 North Shore Tow In Championships

We lost one of our Hawaiian surf legends a couple of days ago. Marvin Foster was one of the Happening Hawaiian crew back in the 80’s and 90’s. . Known as “Carvin Marvin” , he was reported to be the 1st surfer to go left at Waimea Bay and one of the earlier adopters of [...]

Buttons launch’s his new Coffee; Button’s Brew

Garrett McNamara, Hiriata, Buttons Kaluhiokalani and Jay Adams

Hawaiian surfing legend and all round ambassador of Aloha; Buttons Kalauhikalani yesterday launched his new local brand of coffee, simply titled “Button’s Brew” A large media contingent was on hand, including the Discovery channel who were following Garrett around as he go’s about his business in chasing down monster waves. So next time your on [...]

Mason Ho takes the cover of The Surfers Path No 73

Mason Ho surfing Bluff Reef in Tasmania 2009

I travelled with Mason Ho, Flynn Novak And Ezra Sitt all from Hawaii in Tasmania this year. Our visit coincided with some damn tasty waves, especially at Bluff Reef. Mason surfed the place like no one else, consistently placing himself behind the peak on Take-off. This led to a few pretty intense take-offs, one of [...]

Ben Aipa’s surfboards are cool

The hands of a true Craftsman.

I was just randomly looking through some files for a picture to post, and came across these cool shots of Legend Hawaiian surfer and surfboard shaper; Ben Aipa. Ben’s a long time friend of my wife and I and a really nice guy. It is said that it was actually one of Ben’s shapes that [...]

Happy Hawaii’ans

Happy Hawaiians, Alihi Beach, Haleiwa

It was around 1993 and I was at my first Hawaiian pro surfing event at Haleiwa and I happened to see this trio of laughing Hawaii’an groms cruise past. I just had to get a photo of these guys. It’s still today one of my favourite “by chance” portraits. These guys have now all grown [...]

Awesome nature moment

Hawaiian spinner dolphins at Waimea Bay, north shore

This was mid 2007. I was driving past Waimea Bay one morning and I saw a huge pod of Hawaii’an spinner dolphins heading in, so I went home and grabbed my water rig and swam out to try and get some photographs. There was at least 60 of them. It was amazing to hang out [...]