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Tasmanian surfers fearless in BIG HUGE waves that can squash you like an ant

Stern Carnage

Some of the guys down in my homeland of Tasmania are just fearless when it comes to big scary waves that can squash you like an ant. Check out this clip from my my mate Marti Paradisis. The level that you would be running at to pull this stuff off is unimaginable to most folk. […]

Show us YOUR Davey print – Myles Miho

ykes Minho's beautiful Koa Framed print of Evan Valere at Pipeline

Folks, Myles Miho from Aiea in Honolulu, bought a massive panoramic print from me, of one of my most iconic Pipeline photographs. This image captured Evan Valere turning around the bottom of a monster set wave at huge Pipe, back in 2006. It appeared as a double page spread in Surfer magazine the following June […]

pic of the day: Massive surf at Waimea Bay

Huge surf at Waimea Bay on december the 7th, 2009.

Another image randomly chosen from my surf archives, this is from December the 7th, last year. Waimeawas the biggest, I’ve seen people surf it. Soon after this image, the sun went down right as a new more solid push of the swell occurred, resulting in what was said to be a dozen or so rescues. […]

New: “Classic Waimea” prints now at surfphotosart

I’ve added a new category to my images sets at this new one is simply entitled Waimea Bay Classics. There 58 images currently in this section and they represent some of the very best moments that I’ve photographed at Waimea over the past 15 years or so. Many of these are my favourite images. […]

Classic Davey pictorial about Waimea Bay appears on Surfline

Waimea spot check on Surfline

I’ve done some cool pictorials over the years with surfline, but none cooler than this awesome pictorial that just went on line today. It features a staggering array of amazing Waimea visuals, that I’ve photographed from over the years. So many classic moments, from Waimea close-outs, to when they built the road across the beach […]

Ikaika go’s BIG at 20 foot Waimea on a SUP (stand Up Paddle) board

Hawaii’s Ikaika Kalama is quite the man when it comes to Stand Up Paddle surfing on the north shore. There’s pretty much no wave that he won’t have a go at. He’s become quite a local fixture at Pipe when it gets beyond 12 feet in size, but I never expected to see him or […]