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Career Confessions – 12 questions with Sean Davey

“What is the best piece of advice you have been given to date? Don’t spend more money on being a photographer than you’re not prepared to get back. It’s an expensive pastime and a lot of folks spend way more on it than they will ever get back.”

Here’s a cool little interview that just ran with me

Sean Davey featuring on

Folks, I had the website; contact me recently, looking to interview me about my environmental photography. I like their by-line. It reads: “Urban life inspired by nature” Now that is cool. Check out my interview and a small portfolio of my images here: interviews Sean Davey

Another interview, this time with - shooting the surf with Sean Davey

Folks, I just had another photography website interview me for their readers. You might find it somewhat informative. Photopreneur.comgot in touch with me a little while ago and ask me a bunch of questions about surf photography and the business side of things. Check it out…..

Sean talks story for upcoming film

Tim Bonython has been involved in the surf film scene for at least as long as l have been and I’m in this caper for more than 30 years already. Way back in the day, Tim used to tour the east coast of Australia, armed with a film projector and his latest films. That’s how […]