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19 transormational moments from my career as a photographer of surf.

I often work with a handful of surf websites these days and one of the quality ones from the US is These guys have a lot of really good quality reading and just about always have really great photography The Inertia‘s a classy site full of very good content. The fellas over there hit […]

The Pipeline book by Surfline

Surfline recently published a large coffee table book, simply called “The Pipeline”. It’s an amazing 200 page package that covers everything Pipeline, ranging from the old days right through just about every major moment, ever captured there. The place has a much more colorful past than most surf destinations and it thoroughly is deserving of […]

Super moon pictures

The view from Volcom House at at Pipeline, as the full moon sets.

last night’s full moon, was supposed to be 15% bigger and 30% brighter

Poker Eyes

Jamie Obrien - poker face

I’ve been preparing a bunch of images these past few days to enter into the now very prestigious RedBull illume. I know that the competition is going to be very, very intense this year, to win this event, so I’m not by any means, getting my hopes up. Just simply entering what I have and […]

Jamie OBrien wins the 2010 Volcom Pipe Pro

Jamie OBrien and one proud dad Mick, in their backyard.

Jamie OBrien just took out the 2010 Volcom Pipe pro surfing event right here at Pipeline, on the north shore. This is just a quick report right now. I’ll file a more detailed one later. The results were: 1st Place: Jamie OBrien 2nd Place Anthony Walsh 3rd place: Mark Mathews 4th place: Danny Fuller.

and yet, some more cool video from the river surfing, yesterday

I grabbed a few more clips and threw ’em together on iMovie. Nothing too fancy, but its entertaining… Sean

Mele Kalikimaka from da North shore!

Ryan Hipwood bags a biggy at OTW on the 24th.

Wow, what a crazy few weeks, it’s been here on the north shore lately. There’s been so much going on round the place. Finally Christmas came around we got the north shore back all-be-it for a week or little more. So quiet round here at the moment, even with a Waimea swell happening today too. […]

A look behind the Pipemasters of 2009

Just thought I’d take a look back over the week that was chaos, ridiculous traffic, countless barrels, a world championship, a couple of total Pipe legends, another back on the rise. Life on the north shore mid December. Doesn’t get much better. Here’s a glimpse into not necessarily the Pipe masters. The focus is more […]

Jamie Obrien bag’s his first BIG Pipe Barrel of the 09-10 season

He caught this ridiculous barrel just half an hour into his surf.

Jamie Obrien’s Season Opener at Pipe

Sep 25th was quite the opening day at the Pipe. The swell had come in mighty strong the night before and ploughed out a decent amount of the sand which so often ruins the early season at Pipe. By daybreak, there were bombs to be had, all be it with weird lumps and double ups […]

Classic surf moment: Pastel Flash

I shot this one of Jamie Obrien a few years ago, using an assistant, swimming with a remote flash. The concept is simple. My camera has a transmitter on it and the flash has a receiver attached so that when I fire my camera, the flash will trigger at the same time. Most photog’s who […]

magic moments at da Pipe

Got down to Jamie Obrien’s front yard in front of Pipe at “a sparrow’s fart” this morning. For those of you, not familiar with Aussie slang terms, “a sparrow’s fart” is “the crack of dawn”. It still wasn’t looking epic or anything, but there were sporadic moments of greatness happening, so I set up my […]