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My book – This Is King Island

The most beautiful surfboard, I’ve seen

Sage Joske with his beautiful hand made wooden surfboard

Folks, I attended a very special gathering of individuals back in 2007 on King Island in Australia . The gathering, initially labelled as Free Friction involved the riding of a large array of surfboards with the main aim of no fins on the boards, although a few weird finned creations also turned up, one very […]

Ultimate Road trip-surf car.

Aussie bogan surf mobile, from the 70's

This one comes to you all courtesy of my good buddyJeremy Curtain on King Island. He’s been the proud owner of many a Classic Surf Vehicles over the years, but none quite as impressive as this beast, an early 70’s Holden with a big block V8 chevy engine under the hood and some ridiculously fat […]

From one island to another.

Golden barrel

This is my last day on King Island. Heading back on my way to Hawaii from tomorrow. Thanks to all the island’s friendly folk for a pleasant stay. We are just about to take the long drive up north for one last look at the fabulous Martha’s. Catch up with you in a day or […]

King Island’s content cows produce the best 100% organic beef in the world.

beef cattle eating bull kelp on the beach, King Island, 2004

Following on with my current series of reports from King Island in Australia, I thought I’d take an opportunity to mention to those of you out there who like to eat steak (sorry Jay) King Island is home to some of the very best if not THE best beef in the world. There are all […]

Four seasons in one day, all part of life on King Island

4 seasons in one day on King Island

No doubt about it, this place has some of the most radical weather that you’ll find anywhere. Just this morning, I’ve seen it warm and still and half an hour later, blowing a 40 knot gale. Clouds coming and going, the odd downfall. It’s all part of life on the land on King Island.

Clean and green on King Island.

clean and green tubing magnet

A simple wave of the day, here from King Island in Australia. This particular beach is as close to surf heaven that I have seen.

What’s doing, up north?

lined up emerald magnets

The south swell pushed up a bit yesterday, so Wire and I lobbed into the falcon, (what we like to call “The Mobile Couch”) and headed up north, to take a look for ourselves…

No parking meters at the beach, here

No parking meters here!

Anyone who lives in anything resembling a large town or city, will most likely be familiar with the routine of having to stuff coins in the parking meter when they go for a surf. Not so here on King Island. I’d say parking meters are at least hundred years away from being implemented here. The […]

The calm before the storm

calm before the storm

The weather sure has been a factor over the past several days, here on King Island. I arrived during a heatwave, with the following 2 days dragging the whole place back into winter temps. The whole process repeating itself over at least once already. It just changes so quickly here. This is an image of […]

Rush Hour – what’s that?

Main Street

Life moves at a pretty slow pace, here on King Island. This image was taken at what would normally be rush hour in most Australian towns. There’s not much of a rush to get stuff done here on King Island. Slow and steady gets the job done.

The north coast welcoming committee

The north coast welcoming committee: Barry and Kev'

King island is situated in Bass Strait, commonly viewed as amongst some of the roughest seas in the world. It’s open to all manner of weather and swell, sometimes expected, other times, completely unexpected. These guys however are 2 individuals that I’ve totally come to expect to meet when visiting King Island. Usually, we’ll be […]

In the shop, Sean Davey’s 3rd book; This Is King Island

I’d like to turn your interest towards my latest book, which I called “This Is King Island” It’s around 120 pages of mainly color photographs which cronical the best images that I have taken on King Island in Australia, over 15 trips, spanning the same amount of years, or there-abouts. Most pictures are captioned and […]

Beautiful King Island

Hi all, I just got back to Hawaii. Man I was tired when I arrived yesterday morning. I was seated in probably the worst seat of the entire plane. Yep, right in the middle, directly under the bright projection screen AND with a big guy on either side of me, so it was a constant […]

Silver Linings in Currie

Hi all, it’s been a slow start to my shoot here on King Island, due to some unseasonally bad winds, but it is meant to swing round today. I held an art show last night at the Nautilus cafe in Currie and invited the town to come and look at some of my pictures. It […]

Mass stranding of whales on King Island

Many of my friends know that I have a special bond with King Island, off the coast of Tasmania. Someone called me from there yesterday to tell me about almost 200 pilot whales and dolphins that stranded on the beach there over the past day. Unfortunately a great number of them have already died. I […]

Another pictorial from last year’s King island mission

this just in; the highly successful shoot from last year on King Island in Australia, just yielded another pictorial, this one in the Brazilian magazine Alma Surf. Check it out…

Musica Surfica Photo Feature

From the same gathering which produced the highly acclaimed film: “Musica Surfica” (written and directed by MicK Sowry), these are a selection of my images. Enjoy. Sean

Musica Surfica with Derek Hynd and Richard Tognetti

I was given the unique invitation to photograph a gathering on the remote farming community of King Island in Australia. This was no ordinary gathering. It involved key members of the Australian Chamber Orchestra (ACO) along with key proponents of alternative surfcraft, in particular, finless boards. There were wooden Alaya boards, made like the ancient […]

New Feature published in Slide magazine

…..a quality New Zealand surf publication, which onlyy comes out just twice a year………

Slowly but surely coming to life

Hi all, this is officially my first blog for this site. Still yet to go public this site is deeply under construction right now, but I’ll blog anyway so there is some content for when it does go live. The north shore has been rather dormant of late. In fact pretty much for the whole […]