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A moment of beauty amongst the LA peak hour traffic.

I’ve been all over the southern Californian coast this past week and last night, I ended up in downtown Los Angeles, seeking out some twilight gold. There’s a lot of freeways in LA, so it took a while to find just the right location, but I finally nailed it yesterday afternoon on a bit of […]

Long Beach tide lines

Long Beach sunset - by Sean Davey

Folks, California is a cool place to shoot pictures by the seaside. There doesn’t even need to be swell for there to be interesting photo opportunities, although it is always infinitely more interesting to those of us who pass our time in and around the surf. This is Long Beach, Los Angeles (just near Belmont […]

Redondo Pier in LA has a cool surf beach

On the last morning of my recent Californian road trip, we checked out Redondo pier in Los Angeles county in the early morning twilight , before I headed off back to Hawaiion the 9.40 am flight. I’d photographed piers all the way up and down the so cal and central Cal coasts, but never saw […]