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The north coast welcoming committee

The north coast welcoming committee: Barry and Kev'

King island is situated in Bass Strait, commonly viewed as amongst some of the roughest seas in the world. It’s open to all manner of weather and swell, sometimes expected, other times, completely unexpected. These guys however are 2 individuals that I’ve totally come to expect to meet when visiting King Island. Usually, we’ll be […]

Real fair dinkum Aussie Boxing Kangaroo and he’s mean!

I saw this a while ago, but just stumbled across it again and found it so entertaining, that I thought I’d share with you this priceless piece of Aussie culture from one of their TV talk shows Pay particular attention to the kangaroo‘s interactions with the lady in the green, then the bloke in the […]

The Tasmanian Devil

Probably most of you have heard of the Tasmanian devil via the famous Warner Brothers cartoons, but it’s amazing, how many people don’t know that these little varmits actually exist. About the size of a large cat, but with a head, sized about the same as a bull terrier, these creatures are known to have […]