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Banana Leaf Gecko

Banana Leaf gecko 30 x 45 inch canvas

I’ve always been a fan of contrast and colour, especially when they randomly appear while I’m on photo surfari. This is a great example with a gecko sunning itself on a banana leaf. Massive amounts of color and contrast resulted in this cool colorful silhouette. Shown here as a 30 x 45 inch canvas, but [...]

The awesome power of nature.

Massive surf at Waimea Bay, on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii

I’ve always been drawn to photograph waves, all the way from my very first ever picture, which I shot on a plastic Kodak Instamatic camera, back in late 1977, but it took me a lot longer to realise that the fascination with nature’s “spin cycle” so to speak, was on a much larger scale. My [...]

Here’s a cool little interview that just ran with me

Sean Davey featuring on

Folks, I had the website; contact me recently, looking to interview me about my environmental photography. I like their by-line. It reads: “Urban life inspired by nature” Now that is cool. Check out my interview and a small portfolio of my images here: interviews Sean Davey

Picture of the day; Pipe Turtle

Pipe Turtle

This was the very first ever picture that I made of a turtle. I was swimming at Pipeline one day and noticed this turtle cruising by and so I dove down and squeezed off just one fabulous frame of fujichrome Velvia. This is still one of my favorite Turtle images, despite that fact that I [...]

todays picture of the day: Dolphin Pair

Dolphin Pair  at Waimea Bay, on the north shore.

Hi everyone, I’ve started a picture of the day with some of my social networking pages. Todays picture is entitled “Dolphin Pair” and is immediately available in a variety of fine art print sizes, by logging onto Aloha Sean

An inquisitive South Pacific Booby Bird, in flight

A Booby bird in flight, in the South Pacific, 2005.

I did a trip a few years ago to a somewhat secret group of surfing islands in the south Pacific. while there, we visited a completely uninhabited island which had dozens of nesting Booby birds situated on it. The birds were quite inquisitive, not really having much of a fear of humans, so sometimes they [...]

Davey’s wavey gravey train

I’ve been working really hard lately to get my site more up to date. More to the point, I’ve been adding more galleries. The latest to come on line, are my waves. I went through a collection of near 1,000 images from a 20 year time span, and culled it down to just under 300 [...]

Mutton Birds make for nervous surf

Mutton birds by the thousands, Goats Beach, Hobart

Down here in Tasmania, they have these Mutton Birds that nest all round the beaches and coastline. On certain days of the year, they take to the air en-masse. Just thousands of these birds airborne. When you consider that these birds have really sharp beaks, every single one of them is a potential dart, if [...]

Awesome nature moment

Hawaiian spinner dolphins at Waimea Bay, north shore

This was mid 2007. I was driving past Waimea Bay one morning and I saw a huge pod of Hawaii’an spinner dolphins heading in, so I went home and grabbed my water rig and swam out to try and get some photographs. There was at least 60 of them. It was amazing to hang out [...]