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Footsteps Of Tranquility 30 x 45 inch canvas wrap

FThis art piece is titled Footsteps Of Tranquility It’s downright amazing, how beautiful and served the beaches can be here some days. This was one of those days at Pupukea. Barely a sole on the beach. Lucky, we live Hawaii. There is something about this picture that attracts me too. It has an almost two […]

Helicopter produces amazing aerial panavista’s

Flynn Novak tubed at Pipeline.

As a professional photographer, I have a lot of tools at my fingertips. Some cameras, a bunch of high quality lens, some specialized water proof camera box’s to protect my gear when I’m swimming with it and a whole bunch more other gear, but one item clearly stands out. I don’t get to use it […]

Kalani Chapman’s awesome B-day party at Rocky Point.

Freedom's progress playing LIVE at Rocky point.

I’ve shot a couple of pretty cool surf sessions with Flynn Novak over the past couple of days and he called me up this afternoon and invited me down to Rocky Point for Kalani Chapman birthday party. Sure enough, I’ve rocked up and there’s the full live band: “Freedom’s Progress” belting out their cool brand […]

Sharks Cove evening glow

Sharks Cove - Evening Glow

Folks, just sharing this image with you from a couple of nights ago, here on the north shore. This is Shark’s Cove on the north shore of Oahu, under a very, very late twilight sky. You can even see the moon and one of the first stars to show in the evening sky. This print […]

What lies beneath

An overview of Waimea Bay's legendary reef.

Folks, you ever wondered what the reef might look like at such extraordinary big wave locations such as Pipeline or Waimea. I’ve been fortunate enough to fly over the north shore a couple of times when there was little in the way of surf. As a result, the reef’s become very clear to the eye, […]

Kahana Sunrise

Sunrise over Kahana Bay, on Oahu, Hawaii.

This is another of my images from yesterday morning’s glorious sunrise here in Hawaii. I was actually headed at the time for Lanikai, further to the south but as I rounded Kahana Bay, I could see that the sun was almost rising already, so I scouted out a spot and waited for the first rays […]

Beautiful Tahiti’an- like conditions on Oahu

Here in Hawaii, the trade winds blow almost year round from the Nth east, which is great in the hot summer months, but it also means that the wind is always onshore over on the east side of the island, so you rarely get to see the true beauty of the east side because of […]

Home Sweet Home

Landing in Honolulu

Lane and I just spent the last couple of days over on the BIG island of Hawaii, relaxing and checking the place out a little. Lane grew up on the Big island, so she’s always stoked to go back there. She even got a couple of decent surfs in at Banyons while we were there. […]

Some more video, this time from Off The Wall

Off The Wall, 12-27-09

I’ve been doing some dabbling on the video feature with my new cameras, in between shoots. Here’s some cool stuff from Off The Wall, yesterday morning. Enjoy Sean

and yet, some more cool video from the river surfing, yesterday

I grabbed a few more clips and threw ’em together on iMovie. Nothing too fancy, but its entertaining… Sean

Let’s help out Kehau Sullivan

As many of you know, I’ve been lucky enough to live here on the north shore for the past 12 or so years and during all this time, I’ve been really good mates with Pancho Sullivan and now his wife Hanauni and young family. Pancho and I have been on all kinds of trips to […]

Mick Fanning wins the world surfing championship at the Pipe masters

It was an amazing day of surfing at the Pipe Masters. Mick Fanning won his round three heat against young Hawaiian; Torrey Meister, keeping the dream alive, then the ball fell into Joel Parkinson‘s court for his matchup against Hawaiian surfer Gavin Gillette. Joel pretty much had the heat till a couple of minutes to […]

Pipe Masters runs another half day before holding off for the big stuff

It’s been a couple of days of the Pipe Masters already, but everyone’s is in such a daze after the recent Giant swell episode that the appeal of the Pipe Masters is not as it usually would be. Given that it’s only 3-5 foot on average, doesn’t help with one’s enthusiasm that much. We are […]

Awesome day at the Eddie Aikau big wave surfing invitational

Hi all, wow, what a few days, it has been. I slept over at the Rip Curl Off The Wall house the night before the contest because they said the roads would be closed down and I wanted to be right there, where it was all going down. The rumble of the ocean was just […]

Eddie went at Waimea Bay

Hi all, I’m super slammed here with a backlog of photo “processing” to do from the past few epic days at Waimea Bay, so I won’t dwell here long, but to say that it’s been an amazing couple of days here. I shot crazy huge Waimea yesterday morning for a few hours. It was massive […]

The Bay went HUGE today, but the Eddie waits another day

We have a massive, massive swell filling in round the north shore right now. I have to get right back up there before they shut it all down, so you won’t be hearing from me again till tomorrow night. Till then, check this beast from Waimea Bay, this morning….

A pleasant afternoon on the north shore

It’s been a few days of relentless wind and rain squalls, so it was a bit of a pleasant surprise when it turned sunny with light off-shores this afternoon. I guess everyone was watching it because there were way more photographers than name surfers at Off The Wall, this afternoon. There’s so much sand sitting […]

Last wave of the day at Sunset

first blood, 2009 season

We had our first north swell pulse of the season over the past couple of days. It wasn’t really anything epic, but hey, it was still August, which is pretty early for north pulses. Here’s a few pic’s of the crew doing their thing at early season rockies….

Return to good conditions

Well, it’s really trying to make a return to beautiful weather here on the north shore. Super sunny this morning and plenty of swell around, just a little harder to find anywhere that’s really making good use of the swell. I ended up taking a stab at shooting Sunset, but really I needn’t have bothered. […]

HIC Pipe Trials are GO today

It seems like forever since the pro tour left here and the conditions went bad. It’s been a month and a half since. Now, I’m writing this the night before, but by the time you read this, the HIC Pipe trials should be happening. It’s bound to be dramatic because after a month and a […]

Fun waves at Ehukai Beachie’s

Hi All, I went for a bit of a swim this morning just because the sun was out and it was all nice and shiny and I just wanted to get wet. Here’s a few pics that I got along the way….