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The unique visual world of ocean waves

I’ve been taking pictures since late 1977, which makes it more than 35 years that I’ve been squeezing the shutter to capture those magic fleeting moments. Some family history here; As a very young child (about 3 years old) my mother took my brothers and I to the beach one day and told us to […]

Sea Mountain – 18 x 54 inch vertical triptych canvas

This art piece is titled Sea Mountain This picture is available as a custom print or canvas to pretty much any size or arrangement that you desire, up to a maximum of 38 x 90 inches on single pieces or much larger again as a triptych canvas (in 3 pieces) I print and sign my […]

Molten Glass – 2-3 ratio canvas

This art piece is titled Molten Glass I like to photograph all kinds of waves. Usually the more unusual looking, the more I’m attracted to photographing them. I’ve passed this location quite possibly thousands of times over the years and only once, did I stop to take picturres here. I need to check this location […]

Lime Light as a 30 x 58 inch canvas

This is titled Lime Light One of my most popular wave images. I need to shoot this particular location more often… This particular image is shown as a 30 x 58 inch canvas. I offer this picture on exhibition canvas as well as premium glossy and lustre papers and now also on metallic paper, which […]

Dawn Warp

Dawn warp is partially a product of my always being on the look out for something or somewhere a little different. I like this image simply because it’s totally not what you normally see. If you’d like a custom signed print or canvas, simply send an email to

Barrel Swirl – triptych canvas

Barrel swirl from the incredible ocean waves collection, is presented here as a 30 x 45 inch triptych canvas with deluxe 2 inch mirror wrap edging and of course both printed and signed by Sean. Expressions of interest should be emailed to * Footnote. Here’s a picture taken of me shooting the above image: […]

Green Rogue as a custom triptych canvas

This is titled Green Rogue photographed on Meeru island in the Maldives. I’m you Green Rogue as a custom triptych canvas at 24 x 60 inches in size. I offer this picture on exhibition canvas as well as premium glossy and lustre papers and now also on metallic paper, which look just amazing under lights. […]

Pipe Foam 2-3 ratio Quadtych Canvas

Folks, This art piece is titled Pipe Foam 2-3 ratio Quadtych Canvas is one of my favourite wave artworks and it’s typically available in the following five sizes; These quadtychs are available in the following sizes and more: 20 x 30 inches        4 panels each at 120 x 7.5 inches       […]

Hokusai wave

Hokusai wave – was named in honor of the famous Japanese drawings by the same name, which this wave put’s me in mind of. Hand printed and signed prints and canvas are available by sending an email to:

Golden Mile

Golden Mile – shown here as a 38 x 60 inch quadtych (4 panels) canvas. Each panel is 38 inches high x 15 inches wide. To see more of my cool in-house shows, just click here and if you’d like to order this or any other artpeice, simply send an email to

Barrel Swirl, a result of incredible conditions

I love to swim and take photographs in the surf, particularly when the water is crystal clear like in this image. These are what I call dream days. Conditions so perfect, that I simply can’t go wrong, taking photographs of it. This was one such day at Pupukea sandbar on Oahu’s north shore. The end […]

September reveals beautiful moments from the sea

September is traditionally a quiet month. It’s right on the very end of the summer doldrums and sitting right in the pathway of the first big winter storms that bounce off Japan, and usually drop down on top of Hawaii. It hasn’t really happened just yet this year except for a couple of very short-lived […]

The awesome power of nature.

I’ve always been drawn to photograph waves, all the way from my very first ever picture, which I shot on a plastic Kodak Instamatic camera, back in late 1977, but it took me a lot longer to realise that the fascination with nature’s “spin cycle” so to speak, was on a much larger scale. My […]

Clear water heaven on the north shore.

It’s been a much longer than normal winter for pretty much everyone in the U.S.Even here in Hawaii too, it’s been much cooler than normal, but finally we have seen warm spring conditions arrive here. The past week had us beautiful sunny skies along with light winds to no wind which is really when I […]

New addition to the gallery – Sand grinder

I just added this image to the collection. Entitled as “Sand Grinder”, I photographed this image after several weeks of very little swell. Anyone who knows the north shore can attest to how quickly the sand builds up on all the beaches. Shooting at Pipeline on this morning, I was astounded at how much empty […]

The Mechanics of Sunset

Folks, I just worked on a new pictorial with Surfline, about Sunset Beach on the north shore of Oahu. About 20 of the images are my photos. Well worth a quick look…..

New sequence triptych Canvas’s

Folks, I’ve been offering the triptych canvas’s for quite some time now and they have proved to be some of my top sellers. I’ve had a pretty good run, shooting pictures of waves recently and so I thought I’d take it a little differently and offer triptych canvas of wave sequences. They look pretty cool […]

A touch of Tahiti and big wave surfing

I’ve traveled to Tahiti numerous times over the years and it’s always an astonishingly beautiful place to visit. Many first time visitors will agree that it’s much like what one imagines Hawaii being like 100 years ago. Life is a simple contented existence on the land for many Tahitians, particularly out in the country areas. […]

There’s nothing like a roll around the shore-break, to start the day out

…my favourite thing has always been to capture the sun coming up while in the surf, itself.

Perfect surf line-ups everywhere

Folks, there is a whole world of perfect surfing waves out there. I’ve touched on quite a few of them over the years during my travels and certainly there are many that I still haven’t gone anywhere near, but what is amazing, is how many perfect waves still exist out there, so many still unridden. […]

Early Season Waimea goodness!

Folks with all the news of world champ; Andy Irons unfortunate passing, it was pretty easy to overlook that we just had a pretty decent Waimea day of waves here. It happened the same day that the news broke, so that’s why I haven’t posted any images till now. It wasn’t quite all the way […]

2011 San Diego Tide Calendar features Davey image as cover

San Diego Tide Calendar for 2011

I just received a copy of the 2011 San Diego Tide Calendar in the mail yesterday. I was stoked to see that it features 3 of my images as well as the very cover as well. Of the three images, there is an underwater picture of a Hawaii’an sea turtle gliding through a school of […]

Wave of the day – Aqua Twist

from Pupukea on the north shore of Oahu - Aqua Twist

Today’s Wave Of The Day comes to you from one of my favorite places to photograph waves. On certain days of the year, the water at Pupukea Sandbar takes on an amazing aquatic glow. I love to swim and photograph on those days. The colors and contrasts in the resulting images are always stunning. And […]

Wave of the day – Green Shimmer

Green Shimmer

I have thousands of wave images , but this is one of my more recent favorites. Photographed here on the north shore, I captured this gem soon after sunrise. As anyone who knows me will agree, I love to photograph the 1st and/or last hours of the day because this is where all the awesome […]