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A very cool moment from 18 years ago.

It was my second season of then traveling to the Hawaiian islands from Australia to photograph the north shore for the magazines that I was shooting for at the time. Back then, those magazines were Australian Surfing Life, Surfaholic, Surfing and Trip Surf. It was before the fisheye became a normal lens in the water. […]

Wave of the day; Off The Wall – This morning

"Aqua Surge" - this morning at Off The Wall

It’s very, very quiet on the north shore this morning. It really is like the whole pro tour packed up and left overnight, along with the waves. Well there, were a few random waves about, but with a high tide running, they were pretty much right on the beach. This one I captured at Off […]

Some pictures from this morning, on the north shore

Folks, it’s been very, very quiet for surfing the north shore lately. Really quiet, not to mention that the past couple of weeks have produced some rainy and windy weather as well. So when I woke this morning and could see that everything was settled down, with hardly any wind about, that was enough to […]

north shore, readying for the influx

Luke Stedman weaving amongst the photog's at Kodak Reef

Folks, I was asked by an over seas magazine editor just yesterday for an image of many photographers, jostling for the same image and boy, did I have one. I zeroed straight in on an absolute gem of TJ Barron about to get barreled at Kodak Reef. This picture is actually Luke Stedman from the […]

Ariel view of OFF THE WALL, on the north shore

Off The Wall, ariel view, north shore

Aloha from the north shore of Oahu, where the conditions are pretty much like this picture, right here. It’s warm and sunny and not so many people around right now. For anyone vacationing here right now, it would be heaven-sent. The surf season here on the north shore doesn’t really properly get underway again for […]

Ariel view of Flynn Novak at Pipeline

Flynn Novak perfectly pitted at Pipeline.

Folks, I just started a new gallery of Ariel images of Oahu. In other words, pictures of Oahu, taken from high above, usually in a helicopter, with my good mate Josh Lang. Todays image comes from a session at Pipeline with Flynn Novak positioned perfectly in the barrel. Enjoy! Sean Footnote: Folks, Flynn needs a […]

great bodysurfing conditions at Off The Wall this morning

Off The Wall this morning was such perfect surf for bodysurfing. So clean and green out there. This one guy; Kevin Murphy scored a sick barrel right in front of me. He’s stoked on the photo….

A pleasant afternoon on the north shore

It’s been a few days of relentless wind and rain squalls, so it was a bit of a pleasant surprise when it turned sunny with light off-shores this afternoon. I guess everyone was watching it because there were way more photographers than name surfers at Off The Wall, this afternoon. There’s so much sand sitting […]

Surf’s up!

I guess that new north west swell that everyone’s been talking up has arrived. Looks pretty strong, although long between sets, which is typical of early season swells, here. I was checking it out at Off The wall this morning with Archy and got these few snaps. As you’ll see from the pictures, there’s a […]

stellar moments on the north shore

Well, it was an odd situation. There I was standing on the beach at Off The Wall, sun’s just come up and there is just one guy out. No-one on the beach, other than one other (Chris Marcher) who was preparing to get out there himself. Stellar barrels are coming through, spitting, and no takers. […]

It’s Lane’s birthday

I thought I’d take an opportunity to introduce you all to my wife Lane. As many of you who know the north shore are familar with, Lane is the chick in the pink helmet who’s out at Pipe every morning. If it’s breaking, she’s down there every day at the crack o’ dawn. She’s dedicated […]

Classic surf moment: Tom Curren

It was the 94-95 Hawaiian season and I had just swum out for a leisurely shoot at Off The Wall, early one afternoon, when I spotted non other than Tom Curren taking off, so I put in the extra effort and was actually bodysurfing the wave as I shot it. This allows me to squeeze […]

Latest published: The Surfers Path

I just received issue No 70 of The Surfers Path in the mail and it contained 2 mighty double page spreads of my work. Check it out…..

What’s new in print Tracks Magazine Australia

..” a look at what I currently have going to print at the moment”……