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Beach Girl on canvas

This is a 30 x 45 inch gallery wrap canvas of Beach Girl. I photographed this image of my wife several years ago and it’s always remained a very popular image. I love the the fact that I only really have two tones in this image. Black and gold. I love to work with fitted […]

Photographers at the beach

Photographers at Pipeline, on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

I was shooting photos at the Backdoor Shootout yesterday at Pipeline and it was really obvious, what a huge impact the surf industry has had on the established surf photographers. I had to look really hard to see anyone I actually knew. The vast majority of shooters there, I had no idea, who they were. […]

Silhouettes are cool!

I’ve long loved to dabble with light and break the basic rules of photography and stuff. The magazines would always say back in the day that you had to shoot only front lit images and I would be thinking, but I like it backlit, so that the people are just black figures against usually cool […]

Pipeline at Sunset time

Lane and I were on our way to a friend’s birthday gathering at Jocko’s, but thought we’d stop by Pipe on the way just to get a look in. It had cleaned up a lot. There were a few tasty tubes rolling through. Meanwhile Ruben was playing a nice little riff on his ukulele. Someone […]