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Triptych canvas are all the rage

Folks, I’ve been printing my images as canvas and prints for quite some time now and there have been two big trends in buying. 1: People LOVE canvas! 2: People LOVE TRIPTYCH CANVAS’s EVEN MORE! There’s something about the triptychs that speak to people. I think it might be because they subliminally look like a […]

Leaning Palm – from the fabulous Maldives

Leaning Palm – from the fabulous Maldives
…I spotted this cool looking palm at the simply amazing Gili Lankanfushi island…

New Spring pricing. Up to 50% better prices on Canvas and prints.

Premium Fine art prints and canvas Long before I even picked up a camera at the age of 15, I already had a strong interest in art. I was always very inspired by visuals. Art was definitely one of my favourite classes at school. I’ve dealt with surf publishers globally for the past 30 years […]

Order your Sean Davey canvas and prints now on line

Folks, I do a lot of direct sales of my canvas and prints to folks who generally get in touch with me via email. This year, I am Ceasing printing in my own studio till the new year, so if you still want to get a last minute Christmas present for someone close, no problem. […]

Sean Davey art show: “Sun King”

Folks, my latest show entitled Sun King was a big success down at FestivAlma in Sao Paulo, Brazil, a month ago and now, I’m making images from the show available to people everywhere. All images are available as Canvas Gallery wraps in the three following sizes by simply emailing me direct at Print size________________rolled______________Stretched […]

Show us YOUR Davey print

I enjoy a pretty close relationship with many who purchase my artworks. Some stay in touch. Others send me photos of my art when it’s hanging in their house, but they all enjoy my pictures. I encourage buyers of my art to send me pictures of it hanging in their spaces, so that I can […]

Triptych Canvas’s – The PERFECT Christmas gift

Folks, I’m finding that people are really loving the Triptych Canvas’s, so I have gone ahead and expanded the range to include a bunch of new Triptychs. I don’t know why exactly, but there’s something very appealing about splitting a picture into 3 Canvas segments. They really reach out to the viewer in some way. […]

New Triptych canvas’s now available

Folks, I’ve had a lot of people asking me about Triptych prints recently. For those of you who have never heard of these, a triptych is one image printed onto 3 canvas panels. Those panels are then displayed together to show the whole picture. They are a little different to the usual way of showing […]

Show us YOUR Davey Print: Sam from Florida’s cool crib.

print name - "Foam Particles" Canvas Gallery wrap

I want to encourage interaction with you guys and the site, so I’ve introduced a new section called “Show us YOUR Davey print” which is pretty much that. If you have a Sean Davey print in your household, we want to see it. Best one each month gets a free 8×10 print, postage included (USA […]

Another interview, this time with - shooting the surf with Sean Davey

Folks, I just had another photography website interview me for their readers. You might find it somewhat informative. Photopreneur.comgot in touch with me a little while ago and ask me a bunch of questions about surf photography and the business side of things. Check it out…..

New Logo Tees from Davey Visions

My good buddy Welshy over at Davey Visions in the U.K. has just forwarded me a small batch of the latest Tee’s in the range. I see that my Facebook fan page is nearing a 1000 likes, so I think it’s a good time to look for a lucky winner. Someone between 931 and 1000 […]

Wave of the day – “Aqua-blade”


Folks; todays picture of the day comes to you from the ever-amazing Pupukea sandbar, on the north shore. Every year usually around Feb-March, tons of sand gets pushed into the beach at Pupukea, between Pipeline and Rocky Point. During these months, the sand gets groomed into a long series of hollow sandy beach breaks. This […]

Panorama prints and Canvas’s now available at

A foam wave washing ashore at Laguna Beach in southern California, 08

I’ve just added a new section to my shop site, specifically for panoramic photo prints and Canvas wraps. Like most other options on the site, this section offers a wide array of images, including , ocean waves, people silhouettes, colorful tropical sunsets and impossibly perfect beach scenes . Most images are horizontal in format, but […]

The Steamroller

I was looking at some pictures from December’s epic Waimea sessions and this image grabbed my eye. I’ve decided to name the print simply as Steamroller. It was just like a steamroller in that it flattened everything that was in it’s path. These were the biggest waves that I’ve seen people surf at Waimea Bay […]

Times Square is a cool place

Times Square pastels.

With all this talk of Times Square in the news recently, I thought I’d throw one of my arty perceptions of the place out there for perusal by you good folks. If you’ve never been, make sure to check it out someday. It’s pretty cool. There are so many people. It’s a bit like being […]

Davey Art in The Grafik Museum

The Grafik Museum

My mate Dan over at the Grafik Museum, loves it when I throw a new batch of images at him. Check it out…

PIcture of the day: AquaBlade


Today, I’m featuring one of my current top selling images. This particular image has yielded 2 recent print orders as well as a print sale through my agent WaveRiders gallery gallery recently. Around this time of the year, when the swells get a little smaller and more organised, the sand bars between pipeline and Rocky […]

Art showing at the prestigious Annenberg Space for Photography

Waimea Power

I was recently approached by a representative of the prestigious Annenberg Space for Photography, requesting my participation in an upcoming international show dedicated to sports photography. I submitted 30 images for consideration and promptly received a very hearty welcome to the exhibition. Unfortunately, I can’t make the show itself, but I will have 30 images […]

Pipe shines with an all star crew

Japanese Pipe legend; Takayuki Wakita charging deep at Pipe.

As many Pipe specialists will tell you; It’s been a great season unless riding the Pipe is your gig. If that’s the case, this has been probably the most frustrating of seasons for the Pipe surfer. We’ve had pumping swellpretty much since late August and the only real

New folio in Parafina Magazine

Hi all, I just found out about a folio that I had appear in the last issue of Parafina magazine in Brazil just ran a portfolio of my surf photography. Now, as we have watched traditional publishing fade away, it is slowly being replaced with on line magazines which have a lot of features that […]

Almost empty lineups lead to dream surfs for lucky few

They again called off the Backdoor Shootout event this morning and when I passed my wife coming back early from that direction, I figured, it couldn’t be good. Strangely enough, I guess the tide turned at the moment that I arrived because there were crew getting pretty deeply shacked at Pipe Barrel going down as […]

And now for something, just a little different

As many of you already know, I’ve always been pretty obsessed with photographing waves, right from the very first image, I ever photographed. The amazing thing about waves is their forever changing form. Some amazing moments can be photographed that for the most part are lost to regular vision. It’s particularly these kind of images […]

New exhibition: Visions at Surf World, Torquay, Australia

I was approached some time back by Craig Baird at Surf World, in Torquay, Australia and asked if I would like to exhibit some of my imagery at at an upcoming art show, entitled Visions Being the art fan that I am, I of course accepted and just today, I received some images from the […]

Photo of the day: Aqua Cocoon

"Aqua Cocoon" Micronesia

Today’s picture of the day: “Aqua Cocoon” “Aqua Cocoon” comes to you from the far west end of the pacific. A remote location somewhere in “Micronesia” Enjoy Sean