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Pipe Clouds – triptych canvas

Pipe Clouds – shown here as a 38 x 60 inch triptych canvas. Comes with deluxe 2 inch mirror wrap edging, and hand printed and signed by Sean . For more options and pricing, send an email to sean at .

Pipe Clouds – 40 x 60 inch triptych canvas

Todays art piece is called Pipe Clouds and was indeed photographed at Pipeline on Oahu’s north shore during a period of stormy weather. I used to avoid shooting pictures in bad weather, but now I find myself seeking it out. I just love to get different imagery, and a lot of the time, it means […]

Dramatic new Triptych canvas: Pipe Clouds

From the new Hawaiian seascapes 2 collection by Sean Davey, this image entitled Pipe Clouds is presented here in triptych Canvas form. Triptych canvas orders can be made at