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New addition to the gallery – Sand grinder

I just added this image to the collection. Entitled as “Sand Grinder”, I photographed this image after several weeks of very little swell. Anyone who knows the north shore can attest to how quickly the sand builds up on all the beaches. Shooting at Pipeline on this morning, I was astounded at how much empty […]

As perfect as Pipe gets

Derek Ho's awesome Barrel on Jan 21st 2011

I’ve been photographing the north shore for almost 20 years and although there are a lot of really great Pipe surfers, some absolutely stand out on their own. One such surfer is 1993 world surfing champion; Derek Ho. I usually only see him

Sean Davey Folio in 7Sky magazine

7Sky magazine from Switzerland, cover shot of Zola Bruso

Hi folks. I just received the latest issue of 7Sky magazine from Switzerland. Right there on the cover is one of my images. It’s good to see another cover. It’s been a while. They also ran an 8 page portfolio of my work in this issue as well. Check it out….

Epic short lived Pipe Session.

Late afternoon Pipe feb 26th 2010

Well folks, it sure has been a weird old week here on the north shore. It started out with the tsunami threat which most folks took quite seriously indeed. Ever since that day, it’s been howling trade winds at varying degrees of knots between 20 and 50. Pretty much victory at sea conditions, for the […]

Finals day at the Volcom Pipe pro

Jamie OBrien stoked on his cool new trophy.

They wrapped up the Volcom pipeline Pro surfing contest yesterday at perfectly glassy 4-6 foot Pipeline. It was the earliest that anyone can ever remember seeing a contest at Pipeline finish. There were just the 2 semi finals and final. The final itself was kind of hard to pick for most of the way because […]

Jamie OBrien wins the 2010 Volcom Pipe Pro

Jamie OBrien and one proud dad Mick, in their backyard.

Jamie OBrien just took out the 2010 Volcom Pipe pro surfing event right here at Pipeline, on the north shore. This is just a quick report right now. I’ll file a more detailed one later. The results were: 1st Place: Jamie OBrien 2nd Place Anthony Walsh 3rd place: Mark Mathews 4th place: Danny Fuller.

Wild and wooly day at The Pipe for Volcom Pipe Pro

Jamie sweeping the front deck. * Note the boards in the window...

The day started off real gloomy and pretty much victory at sea conditions, but it did have that look like it might clear up to perfection, like it did on thursday (the 28th) on day 2 of the event. I got there pretty early because Jamie’s bud; Ruben needed a lift up to Pipe. Frankly, […]

Decent but unorganised Pipe not good enough for the Backdoor Shootout

I rocked up to Pipe this morning, totally expecting that the Backdoor Shootout surfing contest would probably be going ahead simply because the surf was finally small enough to consider the idea of competing. Although it had vasty cleaned up, it was still a long way from being a quality contest situtation, and so the […]