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Lone wave at Ehukai for today’s sunset image.

Twilight Peak

Folks, we’ve had a bit of rain move in and although it stayed quite sunny on this part of the island for most of the day, It started to rain just before sunset, so I didn’t manage to get a shot today. Not to worry though, I only have a million other Hawaii’an sunsets already […]

Davey’s wavey gravey train

I’ve been working really hard lately to get my site more up to date. More to the point, I’ve been adding more galleries. The latest to come on line, are my waves. I went through a collection of near 1,000 images from a 20 year time span, and culled it down to just under 300 […]

Classic surf moment

“Kieren Perrow has just taken off on a monster, only to have the lip curl in after him and hunt him down, like it was alive.”

Another day of small fun beachies in a giant swimming pool

Hi all it’s been another stellar day of weather here on the north shore, but with small surf. The water is so clear here at the moment, it looks like a massive wave pool right now. All these perfect little waves rolling through super clear water. It’s nice when it’s like this. So good for […]