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Magnum gang get together at Turtle Bay

My neighbor Josh flies helicopters for a living and you’ll have to look hardd to find a more competent man behind the controls. he called me up this morning to let me know that they are bringing back the bad-ass rainbow helicopter from the original Magnum PI television series. Sure enough Josh powers over the […]

Californian gold on print and canvas

… and the weather just continues to deliver amazing conditions…

Stop and smell the roses

Spring has definitely sprung it’s thing here on the north shore of Oahu. There’s all kinds of cool colorful displays of nature happening right now. The one I’m showing you here is only several paces from my own front door. What’s cool about stopping to have a look and appreciate nature is that sometimes, you […]

Kona Fire – today’s Hawaiian sunset

Tonight's Hawaiian sunset comes to you from Old A's on the Kona Coast

Folks, todays Hawaiian sunset comes to you from the