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19 transormational moments from my career as a photographer of surf.

I often work with a handful of surf websites these days and one of the quality ones from the US is These guys have a lot of really good quality reading and just about always have really great photography The Inertia‘s a classy site full of very good content. The fellas over there hit […]

The Flynnstone Flip finally captured

I first photographed Flynn Novak doing his signature maneuver The Flynnstone Flip way back in 2004 and despite him not quite riding out of the flip, Tracks magazine was stoked to run it as a double page spread. I finally broke that curse a couple of days ago and captured a full flip and he […]

It’s well out of season, but the north pumps anyway.

We’ve had a very unseasonal series of swell pulses here on the north shore over the past couple of weeks. This past week alone saw waves in the 2-5 foot range almost all week long although there has been a lot of backwash to contend with, due to the build up of sand on the […]

It’s been lively round here

It really has been such a poor season overall for good surf that it was a rather pleasant surprise to see some reasonably big surf here over the past couple of days. There was a relatively small number crew out and amongst large conditions all along the north shore, 2 nights ago. The swell rose […]

One in a million moment

It was October the 13th in 2004 and I had just rocked up to the beach to see if I could get some decent surf shots against the setting sun at at Rocky point. There I was on the beach looking at this full on solar eclipse and then I noticed Flynn Novak out there […]

New photo feature on – Rocky Point

Rocky Point Spot Check at

Surfline is currently featuring some of my imagery in a Spot Check on Rocky point, a surf break here on the north shore, in Hawaii. This pictorial features a lot of cool different perspectives on the place and it’s people. Surfers like Pancho Sullivan, Mikala Jones, Mason and Coco Ho, Flynn Novak, Kalani ChapmanKalani Robb, […]

Swell is on the way up

Pancho Sullivan taking it to the air this morning.

Lane was out the door while it was till dark this morning because the bouy readings had been up all night. I followed soon after, chasing some sunrise gold. I rocked up to Ehukai beach park, to scope out Pipeline and it was a virtual lake with just the one surfer sitting out there ever […]

Small surf conditions persist on the north shore

small backlit Rockies on October the 8th 2010

We had a bit of a flurry or real swell here on the north shore, but it all seems to have pretty much settled back down again. Just small 1-3 foot conditions with a fairly significant serving of side wind chop for good measure at the moment. Not really anything to write home about for […]

Flynn rips the bags out of Rockies while wearing a Davey Tee :)

I gave Flynn Novak a couple of The Davey Visions Tees from Welshy over in England. Flynn went straight out to Rocky Point and ripped the place apart with an inspired display of high tech surfing. If my T-shirts really could make people surf like this, I’d sell a million of ’em Here’s a handful […]

Kalani Chapman’s awesome B-day party at Rocky Point.

Freedom's progress playing LIVE at Rocky point.

I’ve shot a couple of pretty cool surf sessions with Flynn Novak over the past couple of days and he called me up this afternoon and invited me down to Rocky Point for Kalani Chapman birthday party. Sure enough, I’ve rocked up and there’s the full live band: “Freedom’s Progress” belting out their cool brand […]

Flynn Novak Bro’file

Flynn Novak bro'file

Folks, I’ve known Flynn for pretty much the whole 15 years that I’ve lived on the north shore and he seriously is the most talented surfer with the least sponsors, I’ve ever seen. The poor guy has had n extraordinarily bad run with less than quality sponsors and he’s really looking for a company home […]

Sean Davey Folio in 7Sky magazine

7Sky magazine from Switzerland, cover shot of Zola Bruso

Hi folks. I just received the latest issue of 7Sky magazine from Switzerland. Right there on the cover is one of my images. It’s good to see another cover. It’s been a while. They also ran an 8 page portfolio of my work in this issue as well. Check it out….

Surfing towards the light

Sunrise surfing at Rocky Point.

It’s round this time of the year ( August ) that the seasons start to change and we see hints of the coming north shore swell season. This image which I entitled Towards the light was taken during a small mid year bump of swell at Rocky lefts. As you can see the sun is […]

Kye Fitz’ shows his single fin flair on the north shore

Kye Fitzgerald digging deep and holding on with just a winglet at Rocky Point

Kye Fitzgerald is the son of Aussie 70’s legend Sean Davey Terry Fitzgerald, also known as the Sultan of speed back in the day. Terry was widely respected for his surfing at places like Sunset where speed is an advantage. Like his dad, Kye is also an avid single fin surfer and also has a […]

Every which way but up

A ton of crew have descended on the north shore during the last week and there were so many faces out there today that I didn’t recognise. This was one of them and he wasn’t holding back. Sean

Good times on the north shore

Wow, it’s been so spectacularly beautiful here on the north shore. Such beautiful glassy conditions with pretty consistent 3-5 foot waves. The amazing thing this year is the complete absence so far of traveling surfers. Just a handful of local surfers at any given spot. This must be about as close to the old days […]

A new swell, another Rocky’s sesh

I mosied on down to Rockys to scope it early this morning and the conditions were quite nice, before the wind got into it. Wasn’t really any pro’s out there till later in the session. Some of them were turning up as I left actually. Had it been the old days, I would have turned […]

first blood, 2009 season

We had our first north swell pulse of the season over the past couple of days. It wasn’t really anything epic, but hey, it was still August, which is pretty early for north pulses. Here’s a few pic’s of the crew doing their thing at early season rockies….

Ariel image of Rocky Point go’s double page in Fluir magazine

Hi folks today, I’m sharing with you a double page spread in the Feb 09 issue of brazilian magazine; Fluir. This is an ariel overview of Rocky Point on a typical day in the middle of surf season. I actually have overviews of most of the north shore’s best surf spots. The Brazilians love Rocky […]

Super sessions at Rockies

Hi everyone, wow! it’s been so beautiful here this week. It’s been really blue and sunny with super gentle variable winds, which basically equates to super glassy conditions here with 3-4 foot swell every day this week. You’ve gotta love that for the month of May. Rocky Point was a bit of a magnet too […]

Sunny glassy conditions return to the north shore

Apparently, the bad weather has been here in the islands all the way while I was gone and is only just turning back now to good conditions. certainly it was nice yesterday with super glassy water and sunny to the max. So much actually that it maxed out the UV range at 12 out of […]

It’s Lane’s birthday

I thought I’d take an opportunity to introduce you all to my wife Lane. As many of you who know the north shore are familar with, Lane is the chick in the pink helmet who’s out at Pipe every morning. If it’s breaking, she’s down there every day at the crack o’ dawn. She’s dedicated […]

Good surf on the north shore

This morning at Pipe was pretty busy due to a large number of crew, out to get their fair share of the spoils on offer. Pipe was kinda doing it’s thing in that, every so many waves, there’d be a pretty decent one come through. There was a large film crew down there filming quite […]

Another stellar day for the hot-doggers

…..stoked after all that endless rain…….