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Baby Beach Turtle – 20 x 80 inch canvas wrap

Folks, This art piece is titled Baby Beach Turtle I photographed this one on the island of Maui just a couple of weeks ago. Some people will be confused about the title of this image because clearly, this turtle is not a baby, but those who live near where I took this image, will understand […]

Paper Nautilus triptych canvas

I have here a 30 x 45 inch triptych canvas wrap of a Paper Nautilus shell. It comes with deluxe 1.5 inch mirror wrap edges and is signed, then delivered rolled to your door. The cost is just $360 plus $20 for shipping in the US or $30 for overseas. All enquiries must be sent […]

The 10 best Hawaiian sea turtle pictures that I have taken.

I thought I’d take this opportunity to look back on some of the coolest under water photographs that I’ve taken of Hawaiian sea turtles over the past several years. I’ve encountered them in all kinds of interesting locations. Often, they like to hang around the rocks because it helps to give them camoflage from predators, […]

Beached Starfish – todays keeper

Beached starfish

I was out early this morning checking out what visuals, the ocean had on offer. It turned out to be a less than average outing with really just a couple of decent frames shot. But as it turned out, these were real winners. With surf publishing taking a massive dive over the past year, I’ve […]

Nice conditions continue on the north shore, despite the lack of surf

Under water view of a Hawaiian sea turtle this morning.

I went for a bit of a swim at Waimea this morning, to scope it out. Usually round this time of year, the place is teeming with massive shoals of bait-fish, numbering in their tens of thousands if not more. Today however, it was pretty clear that this won’t happen for probably another month or […]

Hawaii’an Spinner Dolphins

A pair of Hawaiian spinner dolphins on the island of Oahu, Hawai

folks, I love these little guys. I’ve only had occasion to run into them just a few times over the years. You don’t see them too often here on the north shore, but at certain times of the year they can return sometimes on a daily basis. This particular day, there were dozens and dozens […]

friendly dolphins and all, here in California

Folks, I’m currently working on a job in California , touring the coast and shooting locations of interest for my client. The weather has been absolutely stellar with barely a cloud in the sky the whole time, so far. It’s weird ya know… I always looked at California from a surfers point of view. This […]

River surfing at waimea Bay

Beautiful standing waves at Waimea rivermouth

I was on my way over to Haleiwa with Jamie Obrien today when we noticed the river flowing at Waimea, so we stopped in for a look. It was rad. there were like 4-5 foot standing waves at times and surfers were just frothing on every peak that was unfortunate to have reared it’s head […]