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19 transormational moments from my career as a photographer of surf.

I often work with a handful of surf websites these days and one of the quality ones from the US is These guys have a lot of really good quality reading and just about always have really great photography The Inertia‘s a classy site full of very good content. The fellas over there hit […]

Flashback to 2001 and Kieren Perrow at Shipsterns

It was the year 2001 and I had led a band of surfers into a very remote and difficult to access surf location, deep in the Tasmanian wilderness. The place was still largely unknown about, but things changed after Kieren Perrow, Drew Courtney and Mark Mathews paddled out there. 2 Crazy sessions ensued over the […]

More classic Tasmanian surf with Davey’s Wavey Gravy on the collective

it’s been running hot lately with non stop pictorials

Tasmanian surfers fearless in BIG HUGE waves that can squash you like an ant

Stern Carnage

Some of the guys down in my homeland of Tasmania are just fearless when it comes to big scary waves that can squash you like an ant. Check out this clip from my my mate Marti Paradisis. The level that you would be running at to pull this stuff off is unimaginable to most folk. […]

The TEN BIGGEST WAVES that I’ve photographed.

Carlos Burle winning the 1998 Reef at Todos in 30-40 foot surf

Over the course of my career in surf, I’ve been privey to a few landmark sessions over the years. Probably the one that really knocked people’s socks off back in 1998 was the Reef big wave paddle in contest at Todos , which still stands to this day as the biggest waves ever for a […]

The 10 gnarliest wave locations that I’ve seen

Following on with the theme of my last post, I’m going to now show you pictures of the 10 gnarliest surf locations that I’ve have photographed at. There’s way more out there, but these are the 10 gnarliest spots that I’ve shot at. Teahupoo in Tahiti needs no introduction. The poynesian super slab that has […]

Man V’s Nature, at it’s purest, with Damian Wills

As some of my readers will know, I spent quite a considerable amount of time in Tasmania recently and while I was there, I was lucky enough to take in a big wave session at Shipstern Bluff. They are a tight knit crew, the Tassie boys. The whole boat erupts in hoots and laughter, every […]

Shipsterns shines again

It’s now the 17th and I’ve already moved on to the final stage of my trip, up here on King Island. But before I left, I managed to squeeze in a couple of shoots at the always amazing Shipstern Bluff. There were a few name surfers from out of town like Jamie Obrien, Ryan Hipwood […]

Flashback to 2001 and epic Shipsterns

Hi folks, it’s pretty late into this trip now. I only have a couple of days left before I move onto the next leg of my journey. It’s also that time of the year here when Shipstern Bluff starts to show what it can do, so I thought I’d share with you the very first […]

Tasmania pictorial on Surfline

Hey everyone. The fella’s at asked me yesterday for some photos of my homeland of Tasmania. Always one to fly the flag for “Tassy”, I was more than happy to oblige. I like to inspire people to get out there and find some gems of their own, so that’s why some of these are […]