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Davey currently featuring at Aurora Photos

Sean Davey Feature at Aurora Photos

One of my picture agents are the outdoor adventure specialists; Aurora Photos, based on the east coast of the U.S. I’m one of their water specialist photographers and they are currently featuring a slide show of my surf and water imagery on the features section of their website . You can click here for the […]

Pipe shines with an all star crew

Japanese Pipe legend; Takayuki Wakita charging deep at Pipe.

As many Pipe specialists will tell you; It’s been a great season unless riding the Pipe is your gig. If that’s the case, this has been probably the most frustrating of seasons for the Pipe surfer. We’ve had pumping swellpretty much since late August and the only real

Good times on the north shore

Wow, it’s been so spectacularly beautiful here on the north shore. Such beautiful glassy conditions with pretty consistent 3-5 foot waves. The amazing thing this year is the complete absence so far of traveling surfers. Just a handful of local surfers at any given spot. This must be about as close to the old days […]

Classic surfing moment: Joel Tudor at the Pipeline

This image of Joel Tudor is from probably around 1997. It made the cover of one magazine in Australia and has endured all these years to still be one of the better “speed blurs” that I’ve shot. Enjoy Sean

magic moments at da Pipe

Got down to Jamie Obrien’s front yard in front of Pipe at “a sparrow’s fart” this morning. For those of you, not familiar with Aussie slang terms, “a sparrow’s fart” is “the crack of dawn”. It still wasn’t looking epic or anything, but there were sporadic moments of greatness happening, so I set up my […]