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Tower 25 – 24 x 36 inch canvas or print

This picture is called Tower 25, the famous lifeguard tower of Sunset beach on Oahu’s north shore. If those walls could talk, you could write some books. It’s available as a custom print or canvas to pretty much any size or arrangement that you desire, up to a maximum of 38 x 90 inches on […]

The Lost Beach

It’s been the strangest surf season so far. All the storms that usually spin off the east coast of Japan and up north, before landing here in Hawaii, have all been going west into asia. Meanwhile, despite the lack of ocean energy, the beach between Rocky Point and Sunset beach has largely disappeared. I’ve lived […]

5 iconic surf images from the archive

and this image was the result of a set of about a dozen waves all at once.

Vans uses historic Davey pictures for 30th anniversary triple crown.

As many of you are aware, the Vans triple Crown of surfing is happening LIVE right now on the north shore. When the folks at Vans came to me, seeking historic moments from the triple crown, I was able to come up with quite a large number of the overall images in the program. Images […]

The Mechanics of Sunset

Folks, I just worked on a new pictorial with Surfline, about Sunset Beach on the north shore of Oahu. About 20 of the images are my photos. Well worth a quick look…..

A few options amongst the big waves on the north shore

Donnie Darnell was getting barreled every wave at Sunset yesterday

Still plenty of swell around folks. They were saying that it would be a lot bigger yesterday and it definitely did pick up a couple of notches, however the brunt of the swell occurred overnight and so it was on the way down. It turned out to be a matter of finding a spot that […]

Sunset at Sunset Beach

Sunset beach Sunset May 29th 2010

The title says it all folks, last night at Sunset beach

Epic Sunset Beach a few days ago

Classic Sunset - Feb 26th 2010

I was surprised to stumble upon pretty good quality surf at Sunset a few days ago. It’s taken me till now to get a clip together. Enjoy! Aloha Sean Epic Sunset Beach

Mele Kalikimaka from da North shore!

Ryan Hipwood bags a biggy at OTW on the 24th.

Wow, what a crazy few weeks, it’s been here on the north shore lately. There’s been so much going on round the place. Finally Christmas came around we got the north shore back all-be-it for a week or little more. So quiet round here at the moment, even with a Waimea swell happening today too. […]

Good times on the north shore

Wow, it’s been so spectacularly beautiful here on the north shore. Such beautiful glassy conditions with pretty consistent 3-5 foot waves. The amazing thing this year is the complete absence so far of traveling surfers. Just a handful of local surfers at any given spot. This must be about as close to the old days […]