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BIG is BEST with Canvas art from Sean Davey

When it comes to home decor, BIG is in! Recent studies have shown that big canvas is number one with those, looking to give their home a quick visual boost

Hand printed and signed prints and canvas from Sean

Premium Fine art prints and canvas Long before I even picked up a camera at the age of 15, I already had a strong interest in art. I was always very inspired by visuals. Art was definitely one of my favourite classes at school. I’ve dealt with surf publishers globally for the past 30 years […]

Print of the day – Sunset Palm

Today’s offering: an 18 x 60 inch Triptych canvas wrap, entitled “Sunset Palm” This image was photographed quite fittingly at Sunset Beach, on Oahu’s north shore, world famous for it’s world class surf. Everyone loves a sunset, but there is something particularly special about a Hawaiian sunset. I always stop to look if I see […]

Davey prints and canvas

Now available directly from Sean Davey Photography; extra large sized photo prints and canvas. Available in single sizes up to 44 by 66 inches or in tryptychs (3 piece pictures) up to about 120 x 180 inches, you can choose pretty much any photograph taken by Sean and have a top quality custom signed fine […]

Davey Art for World Ocean Day

Several large Sean Davey prints and canvas’s will be showing at this show. read more.. Ocean Lifeline Presents: New York World Oceans Day 2012. New York, New York – June 8th, 2012 – Our mission at Ocean Lifeline (OLL) is to captivate the public interest in ocean conservation through the creation of powerful imagery and […]

Your one stop location for ocean imagery

Folks, I’ve been working behind the scenes to bring some more functionality to this site and most recently, I had image search added to the top menu. So if you’re looking to license an image or perhaps purchase a print or canvas simply click where it says: Image Search on the top right of the […]

Davey Canvas now showing at Fire restaurant in Cornwall, U.K.

Folks, things are moving right along with my mate Welshy over in the U.K. He just picked up a new restaurant called Fire at Mawgan Porth, near Cornwall. So next time, any of you folks in the UK are over that way, stop in and have a bit of a look, maybe make them an […]

More Amazing panoramic scenes from Hawaii

Folks, I’ve really, really been getting back into landscape photography over the past couple of years and have especially taken to shooting panoramic scenes. The past couple of weeks has been a pretty beautiful time here on the north shore and I’ve been shooting a lot of really cool beach pictures and coastal images. I […]

Order your Sean Davey canvas and prints now on line

Folks, I do a lot of direct sales of my canvas and prints to folks who generally get in touch with me via email. This year, I am Ceasing printing in my own studio till the new year, so if you still want to get a last minute Christmas present for someone close, no problem. […]

Calm conditions deliver great surf-art opportunities.

Most folks who know my photography, often know how much I’ve always pursued and photographed waves. Sometimes, it’s not even the waves at all that I shoot, but maybe the foam that was left behind or a random bit of water leaping over the edge of the beach. Perhaps a shell buried in the sand. […]

Surf City Canvas wrap line-ups.

Folks, I’ve dabbled a little bit here and there with photoshop over the years, but what I like to do is create amazing scenes that you wouldn’t otherwise ever see. Scenes that are quite obviously not real, to most folks, but always ultimately compelling to look at for most everyone. It started a few years […]

North East Art show at Salisbury Beach, Mass, a big success.

Jay Alders and his girl Chelsea at Jays art stand, at the North East surf art and music festival.

Surf artist Jay Alders and I just finished up at the North East surf art and music festival at Salisbury beach in Massachusetts. It ran over this past weekend under glorious blue skies and balmy temperatures. Amazingly, there were thousands of people hanging out on the beach which for me was a bit of a […]

New Sean Davey art show: “Sun King” unveiled at FestivAlma -Art show in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Sean Davey's latest show: "Sun King" at FestivAlma 2011

I have long time friends at Alma Surf Magazine in Sao Paulo, Brazil. My very good friend; Romeu Andreatta, the owner of Alma Surf has a very strong appreciation for all things surf, so he puts on a huge surf art,music and film festival every year called FestivAlma. This year’s show is happening right now […]

Meet Frothers Gallery – Sydney Australia

Folks, I’m taking this opportunity to tell you about the new Frothers Gallery which is opening in Bronte Beach, Sydney very shortly. Frothers already has a web site and has been selling my prints for quite some time. My good friends Brad Malyon and Billy Morris are joining forces to bring the physical gallery to […]

Classic big wave moment: Randy lane at Outside Avalanche

This was back in 1999 and I was up in a helicopter, randomly photographing tow surfing. Nothing organised as such. I was checking out these guys at Outside Avalanche when this one guy on an old school stand-up jetski caught a Huge wave and just got real close to the

The Surf Bus

The north shore is no stranger to tour bus’s. We see ’em all the time, but it’s not every day that you see one like this. This is the surf bus. Some friends of ours are running tours to see the surf beaches. They used a bunch of my photos to make their bus look […]

One in a million moment

It was October the 13th in 2004 and I had just rocked up to the beach to see if I could get some decent surf shots against the setting sun at at Rocky point. There I was on the beach looking at this full on solar eclipse and then I noticed Flynn Novak out there […]

The Pipeline book by Surfline

Surfline recently published a large coffee table book, simply called “The Pipeline”. It’s an amazing 200 page package that covers everything Pipeline, ranging from the old days right through just about every major moment, ever captured there. The place has a much more colorful past than most surf destinations and it thoroughly is deserving of […]

Triptych Canvas’s – The PERFECT Christmas gift

Folks, I’m finding that people are really loving the Triptych Canvas’s, so I have gone ahead and expanded the range to include a bunch of new Triptychs. I don’t know why exactly, but there’s something very appealing about splitting a picture into 3 Canvas segments. They really reach out to the viewer in some way. […]

pic of the day: Massive surf at Waimea Bay

Huge surf at Waimea Bay on december the 7th, 2009.

Another image randomly chosen from my surf archives, this is from December the 7th, last year. Waimeawas the biggest, I’ve seen people surf it. Soon after this image, the sun went down right as a new more solid push of the swell occurred, resulting in what was said to be a dozen or so rescues. […]

What lies beneath

An overview of Waimea Bay's legendary reef.

Folks, you ever wondered what the reef might look like at such extraordinary big wave locations such as Pipeline or Waimea. I’ve been fortunate enough to fly over the north shore a couple of times when there was little in the way of surf. As a result, the reef’s become very clear to the eye, […]

It’s quiet in summer in some places

Puaena Point, on the north shore.

Lane was surfing Laniekea a couple of days ago and somehow lost her surfboard . I drove down there to help her look. The logical place to go in the end was Puena Point because the currents and the winds blow in that direction, but we found no trace of the surfboard. It must be […]

There’s never been a better time to pimp your crib than right now!

Tube Island - Canvas

That’s right folks. The prices here have just been totally overhauled, especially on the top end larger prints with price drops in some cases as much as 50%. If you’ve been thinking about pimping out your crib with some Davey visuals , you’ll pleased to know that right now, we have a 10% discount for […]

An Aussie pictorial in Parafina Magazine

Sean Davey's Australian pictorial in Revista Parafina 27

I just wanted to point you towards a pretty cool on line magazine from Brazil called Revista Parafina . I’ve been working with these guys for a while and I reckon they have one of the coolest on line magazines that I have seen anywhere, even despite that I can’t read it in english. It […]